Light Thereafter

Light Thereafter

Original title: Light Thereafter
Language: Bulgarian, English, French
Genre: Drama
Bulgaria/Belgium/UK, 2016, 107'
Director: Konstantin Bojanov
C: Barry Keoghan, Kim Bodnia, Thure Lindhardt, Solène Rigot, Lubna Azabal, Slimane Dazi, Margita Gosheva, Elitsa Mateva
The movie follows Pavel, a young man obsessed with becoming an artist, who looking for inspiration sets across Europe in search of his idol: the enigmatic painter Arnaud. In reverse, like a fragmented memory suspended in time, we witness his journey and the emotional impact the characters he meets on the road have on him in this once in a lifetime self-discovery trip.

  • Dom na Kinoto

    21 April (Saturday), 20:45

    26 April (Thursday), 15:00

  • Euro Cinema

    24 April (Tuesday), 20:15

    25 April (Wednesday), 13:00

  • G-8 Cinema

    21 April (Saturday), 14:15

    22 April (Sunday), 21:45

    23 April (Monday), 15:00

    24 April (Tuesday), 12:15

    25 April (Wednesday), 16:15

    26 April (Thursday), 14:15

  • Odeon Cinemateque Cinema

    24 April (Tuesday), 17:30

    25 April (Wednesday), 12:45


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#1 20.04.2018 11:56 jhristov

Re: И после светлина

Страхотен филм!