Happy as Lazzaro

Happy as Lazzaro

Original title: Lazzaro felice
Language: Italian
Translation: Bulgarian subtitles
Genre: Drama
Italy/Switzerland/France/Germany, 2018, 125'
Director: Alice Rohrwacher
С: Adriano Tardiolo, Alba Rohrwacher, Tommaso Ragno, Luca Chikovani, Agnese Graziani, Sergi Lopez, Natalino Balasso, Nicoletta Braschi
This is the tale of a meeting between Lazzaro, a young peasant so good that he is often mistaken for simple-minded, and Tancredi, a young nobleman cursed by his imagination. Life in their isolated pastoral village Inviolata is dominated by the terrible Marchesa Alfonsina de Luna, the queen of cigarettes.

A loyal bond is sealed when Tancredi asks Lazzaro to help him orchestrate his own kidnapping. This strange and improbable alliance is a revelation for Lazzaro. A friendship so precious that it will travel in time and transport Lazzaro in search of Tancredi. His first time in the big city, Lazzaro is like a fragment of the past lost in the modern world.

  • Dom na Kinoto

    28 May (Tuesday), 15:30

  • Euro Cinema

    25 May (Saturday), 11:00

    26 May (Sunday), 16:45

    27 May (Monday), 16:15

    28 May (Tuesday), 19:30

    29 May (Wednesday), 16:00

    30 May (Thursday), 11:00

  • G-8 Cinema

    24 May (Friday), 19:00

    25 May (Saturday), 16:00

    26 May (Sunday), 21:45

    27 May (Monday), 14:15

    28 May (Tuesday), 14:15

    29 May (Wednesday), 14:15

    30 May (Thursday), 15:30

  • Lumiere Lidl

    27 May (Monday), 19:00

  • Odeon Cinemateque Cinema

    25 May (Saturday), 12:45

    29 May (Wednesday), 18:15


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#1 20.03.2019 16:43 simsonia

Re: Щастливия Лазаро

Една чудесна съвременна притча за доброто, което е сред нас, но ние не го забелязваме, приемаме го за даденост, не го ценим, унищожаваме го.