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    I, Sisyphus

    I, Sisyphus

    Theatre play
    Written and directed by: Veselka Kuncheva
    Set design and puppets: Marieta Golomehova
    Music: Hristo Namliev
    Choreography: Maria Dimitrova
    Lighting design: Veselin Hristov
    Performed by Stoyan Doychev
    Sisyphus is the mythological hero punished by the gods for his insightfulness and condemned to carry a rock on his back up to the top of a cliff only to have it roll back down time and time again.

    The myth has become a common allegory for the absurdity of human existence as a closed circle of constantly recurring actions of unknown meaning. The performance I, Sisyphus lends image, sound and movement to that myth with the comic hint imported by absurdity. A puppet solo performance for adults, it creates sweeping blend of object and physical theater. The talented team made up of stage director Veselka Kucheva, set designer Marieta Golomehova and actor Hristo Takov is winning recognition as the new faces of Bulgarian puppet theatre and its borderline forms.


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