Love in the madhouse

Love in the madhouse

Original title: Покер

Theatre play
by Emil Bonev
Director: Emil Markov
Cast: Albena Pavlova, Nencho Ilchev
A man runs away from the mental hospital. His life hurts. He lies to be believed. He carries a black bag that keeps many secrets.
Yannis: “I entered the nuthouse not because I was crazy but because I knew I could learn everything about you in the greatest detail there. We played poker and I laid down huge amounts of money, he laid down stories. If he lost, he would tell me.
During the day I would win stories, at night I would dream the same stories but instead of being with him, you were with me.
I would wake up and it would start over. At the end I went completely mad and he wrote a dissertation ‘Asleep and Waking with a Normal Person in the Psychiatrical Ward’ This crazy normalman is me.”
Vera: “… How I wish the lies could be true and the truths – a lie. It would be nice if all of this was theatre and not living. How did you do it?”
Yannis: “… I am just the gambling type. I always stake on losing cards and very often win. Falling in love cannot be explained by anyone.”

“Why do I do original theatre?
I am an actor. My work as a director helps me write my plays. I have an ironic attitude towards my work as a director. I believe in the actors when they become co-authors of my plays.
As an actor I get to know theatre from the inside, as an author I try to look at it from the side, and as a director – from upside. These are three viewpoints that give me a clear picture of theatremaking and help me improve myself – my fundamental personal goal since I discovered the magic of theatre.
I admit this amuses me sincerely as I already know that theatre is the best game given to Man by God. To my delight, what I do also entertains the audience. My plays Seasalt, A Pack of Sunseed, and Poker have been staged in seventeen theatres in Bulgaria and abroad.”
Emil Bonev


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