• Dangerous Adventures with Mellifluous Friends

    by Nedyalko Yordanov · Director: Kostadin Bandutov · Composer: Hayagashod Agassyan · Scenography: Daniela Nikolchova · With: Stoyan Radev, Valentin Mitev, Nikolay Kenarov, Stanislav Kondov, Konstantin Sokolov, Svilen ...

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  • Cinderella

    by Charles Perrault · Directed by: Jannan Caba · Scene: Svila Velichkova · Music: Svetla Vasileva · Cast: Stoyanka Velyanova, Tanya Jekova, Galin Ginev

    An incredible story about shoe, three sisters, stepmother and fairy godmother. A timeless tale for all ages .

    Varna Puppet Drama Theatre  
  • Comic ilusion

    by Pier Kornei · Director: Vasil Duev · Scene: Daniela Nikolchova · Music: Stefan Zdraveski · Choreography: Valeri Kirilov, Filip Milanov · Cast: Gergana Arnaudova, Nencho Kostov, Tsvetina Petrova, Plamen Dimitrov, ...

    The main character in Corney's play goes through many misadventures, some narrated, others seen, and in the play we try to emphasize this adventurous plan.

    Stoyan Bachvarov Drama Theatre  
  • Dead man's cell phone

    by Sarah Ruhl · Translation: Haralampi Anichkin · Director: Petar Denchev · Stage design: Petar Mitev · Cast: Biliana Stoeva, Nikolai Bojkov, Veselina Mihalkova, Simeon Lutakov, Milena Kaneva, Polina Nedkova

    Dead Man's Cell Phone is a play by Sarah Ruhl. It explores the paradox of modern technology's ability to both unite and isolate people in the digital age.

    Stoyan Bachvarov Drama Theatre  
  • Dinner with Friends

    Director: Ivaylo Hristov · Set design: Marina Yaneva · C: Asen Blatechki, Maria Sapundzhieva, Nencho Ilchev, Kristina Yaneva

    In the play Dinner with Friends, Donald Margulis tells the story of two friendly families who are facing the existential question: how can we continue our lives if our daily lives overwhelmed our feelings?

    Festival and Congress Centre  
  • Dream

    by Magda Borisova · Director: Stoyan Radev · Costumes: Daniela Nikolchova · Cast: Georgi Nyagolov, Nedyalko Stefanov, Valeri Valchev, Tsvetina Petrova, Nikolai Kenarov, Biliana Stoeva, Teodora Mihailova, Danoela Viktorova, ...

    In the play Dream, Magda Borissova touches important topics of life in a language accessible to the young audience. As the title suggests, in this play-fairy, a mixture of fantasy and symbolism addressed as if only to children, the action evolved into the country of dreams.

    Stoyan Bachvarov Drama Theatre  
  • Duel

    by Ivan Vazov · Staging: Stoyan Radev Ge.K. · Stage design and costumes: Daniela Nikolchova · With: Stanislav Kondov, Nencho Kostov, Tzvetina Petrova, Polina Nedkova, Gergana Arnaudova, Valeri Valchev, Ivailo Ivanov, ...

    Following the credo of the always-modern classic, actor and director Stoyan Radev Ge. K. turns again to Bulgarian dramaturgy. After the Mother-in-law and The Misunderstood Civilization comes the order of Duel by Ivan Vazov.

    Stoyan Bachvarov Drama Theatre  
  • Every year at the same time

    Author: Bernard Slade · Director: Georgi Mihalkov · Translation: Prof. Andrei Avramov · Costume design: Petar Mitev · Stage design: Antonia Popova · Cast: Lilia Maravilya, Hristo Shopov

    A play that paints a story with the palette of all human emotions and states. A sensual and fun dialogue about the inevitable wanderings between comfortable self-deception and sobering truths.

    Stoyan Bachvarov Drama Theatre  
  • Grandpa's Mitten

    by Elin Pelin · Cast: Emilia Petkova, Evgenia Vasileva, Diana Stojkova, Gergana Gospodinova, Krasimir Dobrev

    Who does not remember the story of that forgetful grandfather who lost his mitte on his way to Zlatitsa?

    Varna Puppet Drama Theatre  
  • Greedy Bear Лакома мецана [Варна]

    by Ran Bosilek · Director: Darin Petkov · Music: Svetla Vasileva · Сast: Diana Staikova, Tania Jekova, Jivko Jekov

    The incredible story teller Ran Bosilek carry us in the world of the animals and their relationships.

    Varna Puppet Drama Theatre  
  • Love letters

    by Albert Ramsdell Gurney · Director: Georgi Mihalkov · Stage design and costumes: Petar Mitev · Music: Ivan Dragolov · Cast: Yana Marinova, Svejen Mladenov

    In action style, events, ages, feelings, moods pass with amazing speed ...The tape slows down for a moment, draws a specific event, naive, sad, scary or terribly funny, and casts through the cogs of time to the next.

    Stoyan Bachvarov Drama Theatre  
  • Magic lake

    stage adaptation of Stoyan Radev Ge. K. after the translation of the comedy Chaika from Chekhov from Nemil-Nedrag (nickname of Hristo Gerchev) · Cast: Vesselina Mihalkova, Ivaylo Ivanov, Tsvetina Petrova, Nencho Kostov, Polina Nedkova, ...

  • Martha's choice

    by Jordi Galseran · Translation: Neva Micheva · Director: Georgi Mihalkov · Set design and costumes: Petar Mitev · Cast: Simeon Lyutakov, Yana Marinova, Nikolay Kenarov, Valentin Mitev, Rozalia Abgaryan

    A retired minister faces ordinary people at first glance but they are actually a high-level cheaters. A virtuoso play about love and choice by Jordi Galseran, masterfully directed by Georgi Mihalkov for the first time in Bulgaria.

    Stoyan Bachvarov Drama Theatre  
  • My best friend

    by Eric Asus · Director: Vladimir Petkov · Cast: Krasimir Rankov, Bojidar Popchev, Ivana Stoyanova, Greta Nedelcheva, Daniela Filipova

  • Nice lady in bad company

    by Andre Rusen · Translation: Svetlana Pancheva · Stage version and production: Yuri Dachev · Composer: Asen Avramov · Cast: Emanuela Shkodreva, Krusty Lafazanov, Vasil Draganov and Pavel Ivanov

    The nice lady is called Nina - bold, charming, irresistible, unstoppable in her desire to live her life the way she wants.

    Festival and Congress Centre  
  • Only for women

    by Dario Fo and Franca Rame · Translated by: Huban Stoynov · Stage Version and Directed by: Kostadin Bandutov · Set Design and Costumes: Daniela Nikolchova · Choreographer and Musical Environment: Nikola Yordanov ...

  • Rapunzel

    after the fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm · Director: Rositsa Minovska-Devedjieva · Costumes: Svila Velichkova · Music: Plamen Mirchev · Cast: Evgenia Vasileva, Emilia Petkova, Rosen Radev

    In an unscalable tower with no doors, far from people’s eyes, lives the long-haired beauty Rapunzel. Locked there by the witch Dame Gothel, isolated from the world, the girl yearns to be free. Suddenly, a prince on a white horse comes by. Will Rapunzel manage to save herself?

    Varna Puppet Drama Theatre  
  • Same Time Next Year

    by Bernard Slade · Dirctor: Georgi Mihalkov · Cast: Liliya Maravilya, Hristo Shopov

    Two total srangers meet in a shabby Mexican restaurant at the end of the world. Both are happily married and have kids. They meet and to the utmost suprise of both of them they end up in bed together. Almost a banal start of the story...

    Stoyan Bachvarov Drama Theatre  
  • The adventures of the little onion

    by Gianni Rodari · Script and directing: Biserka Kolevska · Stage design and puppets: Svila Velichkova · Music: Nelko Kolarov · Puppetmaker: Elena Tsonkova · Cast: Boyan Stoyanov, Ivan Shumarov, Krasimir Dobrev, ...

  • The dwarves and the shoemaker

    by Grimm Brothers · Director: Ventsislav Asenov · Set design and costumes: Daniela Nikolchova · Music: Pavel Vasev · Choreography: Nikola Yordanov · Cast: Bilyana Stoeva, Veselina Mihalkova, Daniela Viktorova, ...

  • The Fox

    after 4 miniatures by Sławomir Mrożek · Adaptation and translation from English: Plamen Markov · Director: Plamen Markov · Artist: Mira Kalanova · Composer: Kalin Nikolov · Cast: Stoyan Stoyanov, Galin Ginev, ...

    The fox is an unique spectacle for the mind and senses. The play was created on the four miniatures of Sławomir Mrożek - The fox aims higher, Fox hunting, Serenade and The fox philosophies.

    Varna Puppet Drama Theatre  
  • The One-Eyed King

    by Marc Crehuet · Translated by: Neva Micheva · Director: Petar Denchev · Set Design: Teodora Lazarova · Choreography: Sofia Georgieva · Composer: Hristo Namliev · Cast: Simeon Lyutakov, Milena Kaneva, ...

    A family dinner at the policeman David’s place. His wife Lidia has invited her childhood friend Sandra and her husband. He had lost one eye at a protest rally and the perpetrator turns out to be none other than the host…

    Stoyan Bachvarov Drama Theatre  
  • The Queen of Turnovo

    by Emilian Stanev · Director: Boyko Iliev · Set design: Teodor Daskalov · Costumes: Janeta Ivanova · Cast: Elena Petrova, Veselin Plachkov, Mariela Topalova, Tanya Karbova, Veselin Borisov, Nikolai Syarov, Tsveta ...

  • The Silver Linings Playbook

    after the novel The Silver Linings Playbook by Matthew Quick · Translation: Stella Djelepova · Director: Desislava Spatova · Stage design and costumes: Hristina Dyakova · Choreography: Nikola Yordanov · Music: ...

    The Silver Linings Playbook is the story of Pat, who is forced to live with his parents again after losing his wife Nicky, his job, his house and his memories, he is determined to rebuild his life.

    Stoyan Bachvarov Drama Theatre  
  • The Women Chaser Minister

    by St. Kostov · Director: Plamen Panev · Cast: Hristo Garbov, Ventsislav Petkov, Ilia Pepelanov, Kosio Stanev, Lubomir Kanev, Tihomir Blagoev, Antonia Cheparova, Evgenia Iavasheva, Petia Venelinova, Tatiana Tsvetkova, Iana ...

  • Thumbelina

    Director: Biserka Kolevska · Set design and puppets: Svila Velichkov · Music: Nelko Kolarov · With: Maria Tomova, Elitsa Danailova, Gergana Gospodinova, Teodor Hristov, Ivan Shumarov

  • Two tickets to Paris

    Author: Hristo Hristov · Director: Robin Kafaliev · Play: Todor Madolev · Set design: Teodor Daskalov · C: Robin Kafaliev, Tanya Kozhuharova, Atanas-Bonchev-Nakata, Mariela Topalova, Mariana Brankovanova, Tsvetana ...