• Spring Forward

    23 - 25 March 2018
    Did you hear that Jivko Zhelyazkov's F63.9 performance last year reached the Top 20 of Aerowaves for the best dancing performances of young choreographers in Europe? The news is even greater due to the fact that on the occasion now Sofia hosts the platform festival.
  • Sofia Theatre Festival 2018

    1 - 31 March 2018
    March is important. Not only because the 27th is the Day of Theater, but also because all Ikar-nominated productions get a scene. There is no excuse not to go (at least one), so we choose from the list and follow the categories.
  • Spotlight: USA

    26 - 28 March 2018
    Spotlight: USA, a platform of American dance in Bulgaria, will feature U.S. dance companies in performances in Plovdiv from March 26 - 28.
  • Metheor Days

    11 - 21 February 2018
    They have been in our calendar since 2008, when Ani Vaseva puts her performance Presentations in the Red House. For the decade to this day, her troupe for avant-garde theater Meteor has already 13 performances, mostly with Boyan Manchev in the philosopher's core and Leonid Yovchev - in the acting.
  • Varna in Sofia

    12 - 16 February 2018
    Five new productions of the Drama Theater in Varna come in Sofia from February 12th to 16th.
  • Festival of Bulgarian Dramaturgy

    8 - 19 January 2018
    Ten performances of our classics and contemporaries as well as interpretations by Bulgarian authors are gathered on the stage of New Theater - National Palace of Culture until 19 January.
  • Terra Nomadica: Beyond

    25 November 2017
  • Pocket Festival

    10 - 12 November 2017
  • Theatre's Night

    4 - 5 November 2017
    Not one, but two. And not exactly nights - from morning to night on 4th and 5th of November there are 200+ events that we can visit in Sofia. For more details on what the theatres take out from their repertoire, check theatresnight.org.
  • ACT Festival for Free Theater

    11 - 17 November 2017
    We are glad that the fest surprise us with anything but absence - from 11th to 17th of November ACT Festival for Free Theater gathers guests from Germany, Great Britain, France and Israel with our independent performances from the last year to show the contemporary scene right in this moment. The blast is not a coincidence - the overall theme of the fest is a "temporary reality", and for its full program (plus lectures and meetings) we send you to actfest.org.
  • Concordia Festival

    13 - 15 October 2017
    Chamber opera, multimediia shows, poetic jazzy improvisation concerts and musical performances by artists from 10 different countries are featured in the programme of the first festival of contemporary arts and music.
  • Youth Fair

    1 - 5 October 2017
  • Sofia Improv Fest

    25 - 30 September 2017
  • Da Fest [2017]

    19 - 23 September 2017
  • One Dance Week

    23 September 2017 - 15 October 2017
    One Dance Week is celebrating its 10th birthday with a whole month of contemporary dance shows in Plovdiv. Join us there on the weekends from September 23 to October 15.
  • Night/Plovdiv

    15 - 17 September 2017
    This year's edition of the festival is not one, not two but three nights filled with culture of all genres. Clear you calendars from September 15 to September 17 and check the programme on night.bg.
  • kvARTal festival [2017]

    15 - 17 September 2017
    The space between Dondukov, Levski, Slivnitsa and Maria Louisa debuted as an art quarter last year, but nothing's over - from 15th to 17th of September the region becomes again a magnetic field full with art, meetings and activities on each sidewalk. Check out the program at facebook.com/kvARTal.kolektiv
  • Apolonia 2017

    26 August 2017 - 5 September 2017
    The festival of all arts already arranges scenes and halls in Sozopol to gather there from August 26th to September 5th the best annual harvest in music, theater, cinema, literature and exhibitions.
  • 180° [2017]

    22 - 28 July 2017
    The platform for new ideas in music, dance and theatre just announced their program.
  • Water Tower Art Fest 2017

    21 - 22 July 2017
    From 14th to 23rd of July, ten artists with a diverse portfolio will live and work behind closed doors. It doesn't sound like an event we are invited to, but the work of this residence will be visible for us too. On 21st and 22nd of July Water Tower Art Fest gathers site-specific installations, performances and objects so now we are going to Cultural centre of Iskar and Poduyane railway depot on paper and mark the artists, whose works can be seen there in the two days from 18:00 to 23:30.