The Playlist of Yavor Zahariev

8 February 2018 text Emanuela Ivanova photo Aneliya Todorova
There is something, I feel it in the air… we're singing Away by Gravity Co. and inhaling the snowballs that the band's frontman has brought for us as an excuse for his coming late to our meeting. But it is really OK - we can wait a few minutes more, when after a few long years Yavor Zahariev, Iva Chalakov, Peter Samnaliev and Stefan Popov are about to restart their history with two live concerts at Terminal 1.

The first one is already sold out, so run torwards the second date and sing along with Yavor - but with the tracks from his personal playlist, which does not feature the songs from his 3-year long minor period, because the happy gamma scale at the end is way more important.

The first song you sang to
Demis Roussos – My Friend The Wind

The song that made you want to make music your career

Live – Secret Samadhi

 U2 – Zooropa

The song you've recently discovered and is still on loop
Radiohead – Burn the Witch

The song you've been listening to for ages
Depeche Mode – John the Revelator

The song that helped you go through a difficult moment
Gravity Co. – E.O.

The song that taught you a lesson
Gravity Co. – Ain’t No Sunshine

The song that you want to play for the whole world to hear
Louis Armstrong – What a Wonderful World

Gravity Co. are at Terminal 1 on February 15 (Sold Out) and February 21, 22:00, 25BGN from


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