• Afro Party

    Afro Party
    If you don't get to the workshops with her this weekend at Studio Dance Zone, no worries. On October 19, Byshara Shokolate, a hip-hop, modern jazz, step and dancehall dancer and choreographer, enters the African party at the V parka hall as a ...


  • SoDoggy vol.3

    SoDoggy vol.3
    Since 2009, Animal Rescue has been rescuing, treating, caring for and giving for adoption dogs and cats of all sizes, but at its farm, there are still hundreds of animals at any given time. How do they feed them all? It's hard, but you can help by ...


  • Докосни музиката

    Докосни музиката
    Какво е помпен орган? А бутилкофон? И що за звук издава музикалният сешоар? Майкъл Брадке дойде насам от Германия преди няколко дни с ...


  • Reunion

    Niki Iliev's new film (grown on the idea of ​​Bashar Rahal) brings together four friends in Plovdiv who have not seen each other for 25 years.
  • Letters from Antarctica