7 Moments of Lubomir Arsov

23 November 2017 text Violeta Ivanova
Before we introduce him to you, take a minute (actually 13 minutes) to watch In-Shadow: an animated "journey through the fragmented unconscious of the West" that says a lot (withouth using any words) about everything that's wrong with today's world. And has an amazing original soundtrack.

Lubomir wrote, directed and produced the film - that's how we find him all the way over in Toronto. That's where he studied art and animation, then worked as a character and production designer for various animated projects before finally becoming a storyboard artist. He's worked on Ice Age and the insanely beautiful The Book of Life, to name a few. Otherwise he loves hiking in the wild, Brazillian jiu-jitsu, kickboxing, psychology, philosophy and the inquiry into the transcendent. He's a deep person, not just a great artist. You'll see:

The moment you decided what you wanted to become when you grow up
I used to draw comics growing up, and creating stories always gave me a unique satisfaction. I've always wanted to tell stories more than I wanted to draw. But being disciplined in the study of drawing helped me to establish an eye for the vital elements required for communicating clearly. The reason I decided to venture into animation as a career is pretty mundane; it happened when I was exasperated while studying for an exam in 10th grade, and it occurred to me that I could become an artist and not worry about exams as much. If something were to shatter my storytelling career, I would step away with no regrets and most probably focus on psycho/physical therapies and modalities for healing and personal growth. Which is pretty close to art as I see it.

The moment when you can’t start drawing without...
The most successful work I create is approached with a clear recognition of an emotion. It could be anything like annoyance, disgust, anger, or appreciation and reverence. The right music helps me connect with the emotion and accelerates the momentum of creativity. Regrettably, I often go into drawing in auto-pilot, and the results are usually much less powerful.

The moment In-Shadow was finally finished
During the production of the film I lived in doubt of how it would turn out; it was a storytelling gamble and experiment, but I was diligent in pushing forward and refining it. I promised myself that even if it turned out to be an artistic failure, I would still release it to the public and live with the consequences. When I finished it, despite the unrefined and fuzzy aspects of some parts, I resolved to plant my feet firmly on the ground and stand behind it, come what may. The response to the film and its effect on some people has been absolutely phenomenal and deeply humbling. The film is it's own entity now, beyond me and the rest of the team.

The moment you left Bulgaria
My parents,. younger brother and our boxer Caesar left Bulgaria in the summer of '94 (from Nadezhda 3). The neighborhood in Toronto we moved to was reminiscent of the suburbs we had seen in American movies, which excited and comforted me. I found it difficult to adjust to the new environment as I was entering my early teens (with all of the insecurities that come with it), while learning the local social rules.

The moment when you draw just for fun, not for work
Regrettably, I haven't drawn for fun much in the last few years. I'm making time for that now, and it will consist of the essential manly trinity of drawing; dragons, muscular heroes, and nude women.

The moment you failed so hard it was actually funny
I love freestyle dancing, so in an unfortunate moment of unpreparedness, I was pushed into a dance-off circle by a friend. I was too self-conscious and my moves were disastrous; I remember a girl laughing uncontrollably...

The moment you finally get a few free days
Free days? Allow me to remember what they are – hiking in a provincial park in Ontario, catching up on reading, some extra meditation.

Lubomir Arsov is on lubomirarsov.tumblr.com, instagram.com/lubomirarsov and vimeo.com/lubomirarsov


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