How important is it to have Structura

11 January 2018 text Natalia Ivanova
We are surprised for a moment when we hear her saying that she is skeptical of contemporary art museums, but we quickly agree with the reason: "It must not be excluded as something extraordinary and extravagant but to exist as a part of the natural development of history." Maria Vassileva stands behind these words not only with her biography (she was the chief curator at Sofia City Art Gallery and the founder of the projects for young artists BASA, Place for Meetings and after 2010 of the Edmond Demirdjian Fondation), but also with her new gallery of contemporary art Structura.

On 9 Kuzman Shapkarev str. (a place with history, as you will see) from now on we'll  see some works that deserves an audience, and by January 20th there we meet Forms of Coexistence - an exhibition of our and foreign authors with a different look at human cohabitation. Today, we come to them through the stories of the curator: from the change of regime and the first steps of modern art here to the new art landscape in Sofia and the common plan in which we are still looking for a place.

Gallery Structura is on and


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