7 Moments of Zveruna

8 February 2018 text Violeta Ivanova
Her real name is Živilė and she comes from Lithuania but she goes by the nickname Zveruna - like the pagan goddess of wild animals. While in Sofia she found herself at Petak bar and - what do you know? - now her illustrations are there for an exhibition.

"Some people pray to god or to Cosmos energy, others pray to burgers", she explained when we asked about the flying food in the skies of her illustrations. It's a metaphor for today's way of life in which consumption can be unlimited, needs can be satisfied instantly and material possessions and exotic experiences are the most common drugs. "Would my life matter less if I am not able to eat oysters? If I eat a kebab, am I less spiritual?", asks Zveruna whose monstrously good artworks are a mirror both to hers and other people's imperfections. Otherwise, she smokes a lot (especially when she has a pile of work to do) and can get inspired by anything (even a plate of spaghetti). What else did we learn about her? Here goes:

The moment you open your eyes in the morning
Ritual 1: Coffee. Ritual 2: Smoldering insence. Ritual 3: To read something interesting (a book, some news or something else). My mornings are slow but evenings are really intense.

The moment you discovered you’re good at drawing
What does good mean? I never wanted to just be good at drawing. I wanted to reveal my point of view, not my drawing skills. I think this is the most important thing in contemporary art. The message encrypted in your work.

The moment you tell yourself "Just a touch of neon and the drawing’s done"

I think the neon lights are an allegory of our consumer society. We are flies that can not recognize true light. We fly to the artificial light and hit the glass.

In the moments you’re not drawing, you’re most likely…

I just started teaching children in a progymnasium. I’m really exited about that! But in general when I am not drawing I watch a lot of movies. I get very inspired by Jan Svankmajer, Alejandro Jodorowsky and many others. Sometimes I even use symbols from my favourite movies. And I travel as much as I can. To me, this is the best way to get to know the world better.

The moment from the past year that you wish to remember forever
My wedding! It was a small cozy party with our closest friends in a colourful camping with cumbia music. We tried to avoid traditions because we wanted to create our own rituals. Also, instead of Mendelssohn’s Wedding march, we chose soundtracks from Quentin Tarantino movies.

The moment you want to spend a day in someone else’s shoes
If I could spend a day in someone else's shoes, it would be Marina Abramovic or Pedro Almodovar... Or any astronaut!

The moment you’re in desperate need of an inspiration injection
I never push myself. If I can‘t draw anything that means I have nothing to say at that moment. So why should I talk then? John Cage proved that silence is also important. I'm refering to his composition 4‘33“.

Zveruna is on zveruna.weebly.com, facebook.com/zveruna, instagram.com/zveruna.art
Her exhibition at bar Petak continues until 28 February


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