• Maria All Around

    2 June 2011

    text by Geri Turiyska, photos by Angel Kotzev Studio

    Maria Todorova is one of the curators in this year`s Sofia Design Week (June 10-18), the only forum which accentuates on design in our everyday lives. She has taken up the task to select the best of the best who will show their work in our country. After a number of successful commercials she has created, she is now the owner of Next-DC agency. Maria is the most suitable person to talk to about the news around Sofia Design Week.
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  • The Saint

    12 May 2011

    text by Edno magazine, photo by Maria Spann

    Hello, Gerard! Where do we find you? In London, at the Big Active studio. We are currently working on projects for Noah and the Whale, The Pierces, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, Defected Records and Ibiza Rocks, and later in the year we have ...
  • The SOCial Network

    9 December 2010

    How can you briefly describe the Living Museum? One of the project`s missions is to make Bulgarian artists gather together around a defined topic. The Living Museum embraces time and space and fills them up with material objects. It appears, happens ...
  • Vertical Line

    30 September 2010

    Rodrigo Fica is a Chilean climber and traveller. He took part in the first expedition to thesouthern ice fields of Patagonia. To many adventurers it`s like being the first one to cross the South pole. Ten years have passed ever since and he`s been ...
  • The Man Who Paints

    13 May 2010

  • Return To The Future

    5 May 2010

    Nikola Shahpazov, photo Valentin Danevski for Angel Kotzev Studio

  • The Collector

    25 February 2010

    text Dima Chakarova, photographs Felya Baruh

    Emy Baruh is associated with some major events in our cultural life, among which is Pablo Picasso's exhibition in 2008 which was visited by a record breaking number of people.
  • Women's Time

    11 February 2010

    Nikola Shahpazov

    To what extent does Nemi resemble and differ from you? We have enough in common to be good friends, and far from enough for Nemi to be anywhere near an auto biography. Have there been occasions when people have referred to you as Nemi rather than ...
  • Cultural Activist

    28 January 2010

    Svetlana Kuyundjieva

    There is always something new around you. What is it now? Well said. "It" is something with 3 sexes, 3 characters and it follows our politics we use in Sariev gallery, Open Arts foundation and artnewscafe. I pay attention to these 2 words ...
  • A Spanish Man in New York

    7 January 2010

    Text: Alexander Velichkov

    We find Eduardo Anievas to be a rather nice and interesting fallow. An artist with quite an interest for urban imagery, naked female bodies and melancholy, a Spanish citizen in love with New York City and a Bob Dylan devotee, Eduardo is one of those instantly likeable young men you could talk to about pretty much anything – and that’s just what we did a few days after celebrating the New Year and some days before the opening of his very first Sofia exhibition.
  • Walking in My Shoes

    10 December 2009

    Text: Dima Chakarova Photographs: Ilyan Rujin

    We like a lot Rockacoca designer project with its hand painted sneakers. Behind the label we find 2 young ladies – Sonya Anastassova and Anjelica Petrova.
  • Material Boy

    17 September 2009

    Text: Alexander Velichkov Photographs: Valentin Danevski for Studio Angel Kotsev

    You will recognize Nikolai Sardamov after his materials – he is so bold he makes jewellery out of recycled rubber, latex and even sugar. It is provocation time again – Nikolai became a part of the Clothes: Presented project at Ivan Asen 22.
  • Celtic motifs

    27 August 2009

    by Dima Chakarova, photos Valentin Danevski for Angel Kotsev studio

    Photographer Ivo Hadjimishev is great and this is no news. Member of the Royal Socity of Photopraphy for life, Mr. Hadjimishev has something very uncommon today - style. It was high time we talked with him.
  • Freezing Effect

    20 August 2009

    text Dima Chakarova

    An art space opened not long ago with the promise to allow new and independent authors to show their works. Behind the fridge project are Ivana Nencheva and Natalia Todorova, who met 5-6 years ago in the Academy of Arts and discovered their common taste in glass as a material. After a trip to France they plunge into the furious waters of independent modern art.
  • Single Copy

    23 July 2009

    text Dima Chakarova

    We asked who is that girl who makes medusa-shaped brooches and medical tube necklaces with pearls. We received the answers from Neva Balnikova herself. In short, Neva is one of a kind.
  • Borrowed Faces

    14 May 2009

    Belgian Isolde Pringers, who has been a part of the Bulgarian art life, puts an end to her "Bulgarian" period with the presentation of the book The Book of Faces and the exhibition of her mother.
  • Girl's Games

    30 April 2009

    The unwillingness of three female artists to play by the rules of the big names resulted in the common exhibition Girl Stories. It is not a coincidence that the world of Wicki (Maya Botcheva), Pipilota (Irina Pamiatnih) and Elichkata (Elitsa Sabinova) is full of dolls, fairies, kissing maidens and samurais. The first part of the exhibition is done – Pipi and Elly made our heads spin with their fairy tale-erotic prints and paper dolls.
  • Your Life is Pop-Folk

    23 April 2009

    Nikola Shahpazov

    This interview is unique for Programata - it will not be soon before you find an article in our magazine in which the word chalga is used so often. But we have a good reason - in the last few months Svetlana Kuiumdjieva and Vesela Nojarova worked hard on the first exhibition connected to the phenomenon, called po-folk, turbo-folk or just chalga.
  • The Long Walk

    9 April 2009

    Dima Chakarova

    Some people in London and New York know Viktoria Orizarska as a credit analyst. But the people in Asia, Australia and South America who she met during her travel around the world, know her simply as the girl from Bulgaria. For just a year she visits 15 countries and made hundreds of photos, which are now in her exhibition One Year Around the World.
  • About the enthusiasm of the circle of enthusiasts Perde

    26 March 2009

    text Galina Keremedchieva

    We usually associate the 22th March with springtime set in. For four young people from Varna the date is the birthday of their artistic society, named Perde. They defined it as a “circle of enthusiasts, united by their interest to every kind of art, which provokes reflections, discussions and self-expressions.”
    One of them is Lubomir Sergeev, a professional photographer. Now he works on some large advertising campaign.