• 8 moments of Tatiana Harizanova

    5 December 2019

    While she was studying Graphic art and Textile, she's an apprentice to a jeweller - in other words, it's been a while since she's mixing different genres in her work. You can now see her work until January 30th at the Astri gallery in Sofia (or in Sevlievo or at Largo in Varna), but before that, we stop her to show us some of her paintings more privately.
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  • 7 moments of Roza Breneisen

    29 November 2019

    In her artist books, sometimes her handwriting looks like a drawing itself, and at other times you'll see a precise line telling a story.
  • 7 moments of Monika Georgieva

    21 November 2019

    Sometimes she draws with her eyes closed and meditates like that, but she would never show those works. There is something different she shows us: abstract paintings inspired by the body and its surfaces, shades and shapes.
  • 7 moments of Nikol Decheva

    13 November 2019

    She's not only watching films for the entertaintment - it's her way of learning about the world.
  • Lazy Sunday Mix: Alexandra Nikolova

    7 November 2019

    text Violeta Ivanova

    "I remember the day I decided to become a digital nomad; in fact, I remember all the days before that, when I was going crazy, that from 9 to 5 I'm supposed to stay in one place."
  • 7 moments of Sofia Grancharova

    7 November 2019

    She blends fashion with performance and theater, books with photography and collage.
  • 7 moments of Stoyan Stoyanov

    31 October 2019

    Even a short conversation with him is enough to understand that he is a happy person.
  • Incidentally with Tekla Alexieva

    31 October 2019

    She did almost all the covers of one of our most successful book series. However, if you passionately loved the Galactic Library, which started 40 years ago, you can hardly expect their artist to have made them "incidentally, like everything else."
  • Ivan & Ivan enter a studio...

    24 October 2019

    text Sevda Semer

    It's not a joke - every morning, Ivan Velichko and Ivan Vasin enter Shuka, a Moscow brand identity and graphic design studio where they act as creative directors. Inside, they draw the face of everything from T-shirts for Nike through Russia's largest shopping site to a chess championship in New York.
  • 13 Moments of Petya Zlateva

    24 October 2019

    text Violeta Ivanova

    She likes to eat her breakfast in a jar, grows terrific tomatoes on her balcony and although she likes to write with many smilies, she'd rather hang out with her friends at a pub than on Facebook - because she has never had one.
  • 7 Moments of Victoria Staykova

    17 October 2019

    text Sevda Semer

    She says she’s always thinking things through in advance, so she can hardly surprise herself. Her path does look quite logical even when looked from above – from a child she always had her nose between the covers, and even as she starts a drawing she already can’t wait to get to the next one, so she studies Book and Printing at the National Academy of Arts and continued with a master’s in Illustration in England.
  • 9 Moments of Nikoleta Nosovska

    10 October 2019

    text Violeta Ivanova

    She's picked up many languages (even Chinese) but she's even stronger with the visual stuff: her CV thus far revolves around graphic design, currently freelance, when whe's not accepting clients at Artelie: a small store on 44 Ekzarh Yosif Str. that concentrates the efforts of two families - Nikoleta, her husband, her sister and her sister's husband.
  • 7 Moments of Iva Tokmakchieva

    3 October 2019

    text Violeta Ivanova

    "I like colorful and interesting people, but I recharge myself the most when I'm alone." Maybe that's why her favorite spot in Sofia is the Rotunda yard, where it's so peaceful that time seems to stop. Otherwise you can often find her it in the small art cinemas around the city center because they show the most unusual films.
  • 7 moments of Joanna Petkova

    26 September 2019

    "Where are my boundaries? Do I want to have boundaries?" are two questions that often bother her, and are important in her work, too - Joanna paints in an attempt to tap into the capabilities of her own body.
  • 8 Moments of Dilyana Doncheva

    19 September 2019

    text Violeta Ivanova

    When we entered her Instagram gallery, we found ourselves among such strange creatures that we had to stay to get to know them. Dilyana often draws, for example, her dog Bobby as if he were human, and to her human characters she likes to mount skull noses, monkey tails, shark heads, eyes on the back... It sounds like a big cacophony, but her illustrations - mostly digital - are actually more thrifty than chatty, and do not suffer from excessive noise.
  • 10 Moments of Aleksi Ivanov

    12 September 2019

    text Violeta Ivanova

    You may not recognize him by name, but as you look around, you will quickly remember who Aleksi is - for years he has filled the city with multicolored characters, drawn in a style you can't confuse with someone else's.
  • 7 moments of Natali Sarkisyan

    5 September 2019

    She dreams of traveling through fictional cities, but the real ones are even more attractive to her. Her personal history also runs between the two countries: she was born in Sofia, where she graduated from high school and now lives in Antwerp, where she studies Graphics at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts. Now we stop her constant travelling, but just for a moment - exactly enough for her to show us a few works from her portfolio.
  • 8 moments of Sasho Violetov

    29 August 2019

    He is a street artist who graduated Mural Painting, and an artist who painted cops in poses from Matisse's Dance. That is to say, his themes are contemporary, and his instruments and influences are masterful. But most important to Sasho Violetov is the humor with which he takes topics from hunting animals to secret fetishes or how difficult it is to draw hands. The smiles appear not only drawn - a few weeks ago, near Alexander Nevsky, he put a pavement with a human face under our feet (which was secretly taken by an anonymous collector almost immediately). Otherwise he has been in solo and collective exhibitions here and in England, his work is standing on the walls in several cities, and already on this page - plus a story about a series, the largest canvas and a human galaxy.
  • 7 Moments of Marieta Todorova

    22 August 2019

    text Violeta Ivanova

    She's been into letters since school when she looked at graffiti on the streets and then tried to do similar stuff in her notebooks. Today, she has her own style, which, with precise movements, she puts on the sheet for various personal and custom projects.
  • 8 moments of Tsveta Stoeva

    8 August 2019

    "In another reality, writes Tsveta from Berlin," I am the author of 2 books with short stories and a play that still collect dust in the drawer of my children's room. "