• Divine Nature Festival

    Divine Nature Festival
    A brand new electronic music festival that will take place in the heart of Stara planina mountain. Among the artists participating are Franky Rizardo, Burlak, Veselina Popova, Andy King, Kevin Lomax and Bogus.


  • The Emoji Movie

    The Emoji Movie
    Pixar took us to the secret world of Toy Story, Lego: The movie moved the immortal designer in color and sound, but now the evolution of animations hit rock with this mobile app promotion rated by critics with 0 points and scorched by the audience ...


  • Playlist by Rushi

    Playlist by Rushi
    Since we heard him live again last fall (getting lucky to have a ticket at all), we think of what he's listening to when he's not on stage. We now ask him personally just a week before his concert in Apollonia festival (in the same musical combo ...
  • 7 Moments of Antonina Georgieva