• Four of the big ones

    Four of the big ones
    As we await the 2020 Oscars, we hear something even more exciting from behind the curtains - four of the most beautiful minds in cinema are making new films this year, which (even before they come out) smell of awards. But let's see.


  • 1917

    Director Sam Mendes - who made American Charms, The Road to Change, Skyfall - is accustomed to receiving awards, as he did from the Golden Globes now for this film.


  • 7 Moments of Delyo Dobrev

    7 Moments of Delyo Dobrev
    He would not know 4 languages ​​today, nor appreciate academic knowledge had his family not moved to Luxembourg when he was a kid. However, the country turned out to be too organized and sterile for his liking, so he went to study Graphic Design ...