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1. Why to become a registered user?
The registered users have the ability to leave comments under the articles, the news, the places and the events published on the website. You can add events in your personal calendar and to give your vote for the clubs and restaurants.

2. How to register?
Insert your personal details in the registration form. After it is successfully completed you will receive a message on the e-mail you have specified where you will find a hyperlink. Please, follow this link (by clicking over it) to complete your registration. We are doing this in order to lessen the chances for abuses.

3. How to write comments?
Just register and then enter the website. That's all you need to do in order to write comments. You will find the commentary button at the bottom of each of the following pages: interviews, news, events or clubs and restaurants.

4. How can I vote?
Just register and then enter the website. That's all you need to do in order to be able to vote. You will find the voting button at the top of each of each page for a particular place/event.

5. How can I change my password?
Once you have entered the website you will be able to change your password. When you do this, you will receive an e-mail with your new one...

6. I forgot my password, what should I do?
If you remember the e-mail which you have registered in the website with, we will send you a new one which has been automatically generated by the system. Use it to log into your personal account again. Once you have done this, feel free to change your password with one that you like.

7. What should I do to in order to make the page of my city to load every time I enter the site?
Every time you leave the last visited page is stored in your browser's history (cookies). When you open the site again, from the same computer, it will load you the last visited page automatically.

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