Albena Baeva

Albena Baeva

How often do you hear "the exhibition will be available around the clock"? Let's first start with the gallery without closing times.

It's called Gallery, and it lacks more things - it's actually a router with no physical space placed in the studio of Reactive Studio (which makes interactive art installations). To get into the gallery, take out your mobile phone around 14 Elisaveta Bagryana Street, connect to their wireless network and see what's going on inside. The project is by Albena Baeva and Renee Beekman, who will change the exhibitions with all-digital art every two months. They start from themselves - in Dangerous Creatures, living in the depths, the artist is her, and he curates. Albena has written an algorithm that gives an AI the task of finding it's identity and telling what it would look like if it could choose. This is how artificial intelligence creates its self portraits and we look at them in response to the question of how a machine thinks about itself, how it presents itself, and what it actually looks like.


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