Strahil Naydenov

Strahil Naydenov

Strahil Naydenov presents his mosaic exhibition, called The city, in Largo Gallery in Varna. The cycle begins with an older work, called Alma Mater.

In it and in the subsequent works, the artist elaborates the theme of the beginning, the origin of the city - first life in the caves, through stylized cave drawings in some works, then leaving the caves, the emergence of primeval villages, then gradually turning the villages into cities. So, transformation after transformation, we go through different stages until we reach the modern city.
In the cycle The city, Strahil Naydenov works his mosaic panels in a unique and different way. In his works we will see something unusual about the mosaic - he uses a lot of free space in his works, they "breathe", because they are free from the weight and density of the classic mosaic. These open spaces are made in white, which gives lightness and freedom to the works.


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