• Art Start 2020

    Alexandra Georgieva, Alexandra Laskova, Alina Papazova, Vesislava Zheleva, Viktoriya Staykova, Daniela Yankova, Ina Valentinova, Kalas Liebfried, Krasimira Butseva, Pavel Naydenov, Rayna Teneva

    Since 2017 this exhibition has been our compass to the most interesting up-and-coming young contemporary artists from Bulgaria. Here's the new portion: this year we expect magical things from 11 people, selected by curators Vesela Nozharova, Lars Nordby and Stefka Tzaneva.

    Credo Bonum  
    Goethe Institut  
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  • History in portraits - 40 women who changed Bulgaria

    Adriana Gerasimova, Albena Limoni, Alexandra Dimitrova, Anzhela Minkova, Anna Boyadzhieva, Antonia Angelova, Asya Koleva-Stoyanova, Bistra Maseva, Victoria Georgieva - Mouse, Vyara Boyadzhieva, Gergana Dzingarova, Dima Damyanova, Dora Ivanova, Elena ...

    The exhibition shows works, most of which were created for the recently published book I Am а Bulgarian Woman: 40 Stories, 40 Portraits of Ciela publishing house - a collection of short texts about important women, rendered in beautiful portraits in various techniques and styles.

  • Ivan Rusev

    You have probably walked past a group of carved white stone columns in the Zaimov Park, to the right of the Sofia Theater. They're by sculptor Ivan Rusev who now shows us what else he has cut from this favorite material of his - from lanterns to boxes - in the atrium of the Kvadrat 500 museum.

    National Gallery Square 500  
  • Ivaylo Popov

    Thirty years ago he started picking out fragments from Struma river, to which he added dust, and these were some of his first collages. Even today he continues to use found objects in his work - in his exhibition Transformations he collects everyday objects together with the more primitive states of matter, reduced to earth or sand.

    Raiko Alexiev Union of Bulgarian Artists  
  • Lost & Found

    In time for Valentine's, Neva Balnikova gathers a few jewellers for an exhibiton - see more about it here.

  • Luben Domozetski

    We have introduced you to the curator and artist before, and here is the first solo exhibition of Luben Domozetsky. What better place for his scientific illustrations of plants and animals than Little Bird Place, the gallery dedicated to our connection with nature? 

    Little Bird Place  
  • Maciej Szymański

    A diplomat and ambassador to Bulgaria, Maciej Szymański is also a great lover of nature. The main subject of his interest are birds, which he has been watching for more than 30 years.

    Polish Institute  
  • Margarita Milidzhiyska

    She was born in the early 20th century in а village close to Veliko Tarnovo, and she was taught painting by Prof. Nikola Marinov at the Academy of Arts in Sofia, where she later became a teacher, too - in Russian. That is why her students didn't even realize that in front of them stood a person more adept with the brush than themselves.

  • Martin Parr

    Martin Parr is a British photographer with a sense of humor as you can tell by his series about tourism, on show at Synthesis Gallery from February 8, and probably by meeting him - he'll be here for the opening at 19:00.

  • Martina Vacheva

    She circulates between Bulgaria and France, but we all know she's part of the micro-community of young contemporary artists who grew from the strong art environment in Plovdiv.

    ICA (Insitute of Contemporary Art)  
  • Museum Tours at Kvadrat 500

    The permanent exhibition of the National Gallery includes the most significant examples of Bulgarian art, works by European masters, as well as by authors from Asia, Africa and Latin America. In a series of 50-minute museum tours, you will learn the history of some of the over 1,600 works located in the 28 halls of Kvadrat 500.

    National Gallery Square 500  
  • New Bulgarian Painting 3

    1996 is the first New Bulgarian Painting exhibition, an idea by the artist Huben Cherkelov. It shows works of people like himself, Svilen Stefanov, Rassim and others. They will reunite for the second part of the exhibition in 1999, this time with even more artists. Now comes New Bulgarian Painting 3, which shows paintings on canvas by part of the art group known as XXL.

    Oborishte 5 Gallery and Hall  
  • Philip Colbert

    We don't know whether lobster bites will be served at the opening (we doubt it, though). Why his first exhibition here is called Lobster Land, however, we can guess: the red animal is the alter ego of Philip Colbert, who finds a way to put it in many of his works.

  • Tsvetan Krastev

    The artist works with performances, nature and sometimes invisible things, especially with the sea - in Varna he started with landart, and now we look at his videos, objects, text and installations, which he created from 1980 to the present.

    Sofia Arsenal - Museum for Contemporary Art  
  • Vera Nedkova & Denitsa Boeva

    After gifting it to the National Gallery, along with everything inside it, in 1995, the apartment of the now deceased Vera Nedkova is today a museum displaying her works next to the art of younger artists interested in the same topics as her.

    House museum Vera Nedkova  
  • Vihroni Popnedelev

    After spending some time travelling in China, he's ready to share what this other country, its people and culture awoke inside him. This is a collection of cityscapes.

  • Zara Alexandrova & Zoran Georgiev

    She is from Bulgaria, he is from Macedonia, but what they have in common is a bunch of good prizes and exhibitions, sometimes solo, but often in tandem.

    Gallery Gallery