• Andon Georgiev - Andonasty

    He's been drawing spilled brains and devilish characters for a long time - Andon Georgiev's drawings have been on everything from a poster to a designer label and an album with world-class artists. So it's kind of strange that after being in so many projects around the globe, we are now watching his first solo exhibition in Sofia.

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  • Daniela Yankova

    The mini-niche at the entrance to the gallery Credo Bonum has grown to a solo exhibition space in early 2019, and is now welcoming the chamber project of another artist – Daniela Yankova, known on Instagram as @shadowschaser. If you know her, you're used to her little things with a felt tip pen, but here comes the Inside-Out.

    Credo Bonum  
  • Delyo Dobrev

    This graphic designer has read Derrida enough to know - decomposing elements is an experiment worth playing with. Here is his theory in posters.

  • Dimitri Stefanov

    When traveling, he meets Iceland face-to-face, and since his is behind the camera, he now shows exactly how he saw her - raw, vast and emotional.

  • Gallery of the six

    We bring you back to the beginning of 1927: on Targovska Street, the artist Nikola Tanev opens a gallery inspired by a space in Bucharest.

    Sofia City Art Gallery  
  • Ivan Lazarov

    The sculptor, born in 1889, is known, for example, for his sculptures of Marin Drinov and Peter Beron in the Borisova Garden, but did you know how much he was drawn to ants? Quite a lot.

    Little Bird Place  
  • Ivan Mudov

    In his previous exhibition he drew dots with a crushingly thin marker until he filled the canvas, and now he continues with the theme of the role of the artist and art.

  • Ivan Rusev

    You have probably walked past a group of carved white stone columns in the Zaimov Park, to the right of the Sofia Theater. They're by sculptor Ivan Rusev who now shows us what else he has cut from this favorite material of his - from lanterns to boxes - in the atrium of the Kvadrat 500 museum.

    National Gallery Square 500  
  • Ivana Eneva

    A professor of Ceramics, she exhibits objects with a national implication but also a contemporary nuance that show the ability of clay to bind beautifully with everything from glass to paper.

  • Ivaylo Popov

    Thirty years ago he started picking out fragments from Struma river, to which he added dust, and these were some of his first collages. Even today he continues to use found objects in his work - in his exhibition Transformations he collects everyday objects together with the more primitive states of matter, reduced to earth or sand.

    Raiko Alexiev Union of Bulgarian Artists  
  • Kalia Kalacheva

    She calls herself an industrial painter, and here we can see what this means: on flat squares Kalia plays with colors, volume, and perspective to build Imaginary Structures that "sound like home".

  • Kalin Serapionov

    His video-installation where he invited 31 of his colleagues from the art world to eat desserts in front of the camera is the ending of a 20-year old project, started when he invited a few people to eat soup in front of the camera. The idea is that the lush third course is showing a romantic version of the contemporary art circles.

  • Lika Yanko

    You can also see two exhibitions with paintings by Lika Yanko at the moment, and she is in fact far more famous for them, but this exposition puts her drawings in front of us. The point is to see the "intensive, practically constant process of making sense of the world with a line" - curator Ivo Milev arranges it for us with previously not shown work from two private collections. The exhibition include multimedia technologies and special lighting in the experience.

    National Gallery Square 500  
  • Martina Vacheva

    She circulates between Bulgaria and France, but we all know she's part of the micro-community of young contemporary artists who grew from the strong art environment in Plovdiv.

    ICA (Insitute of Contemporary Art)  
  • Masha Zhivkova-Uzunova

    As she entered the Art Academy in the 1920s, Masha made an impression on a woman committed to the arts. Her encounter with Dechko Uzunov inspired him so much that his first Portrait of Masha appeared while they were still just friends - then they specialized together in Munich, got married back in Bulgaria and then left a giant mark on Bulgarian art.

    Gallery Museum Dechko Uzunov  
  • Museum Tours at Kvadrat 500

    The permanent exhibition of the National Gallery includes the most significant examples of Bulgarian art, works by European masters, as well as by authors from Asia, Africa and Latin America. In a series of 50-minute museum tours, you will learn the history of some of the over 1,600 works located in the 28 halls of Kvadrat 500.

    National Gallery Square 500  
  • Nora Ampova

    For her 31st birthday, the artist is showing work from the last 10 years, as well as some newer self-portraits in a video installation. As we expect from her previous exhibitions, all of this is in a "fun and generous tone".

  • Radina Stoimenova

    This place has always been here before is an exhibition showing three series of drawings and text that tell us about "somewhat forgotten or insignificant" places in our country and in others, from construction sites to deserted cities.

    Espace PORT A  
  • Tatyana Harizanova

    Her period is so full of exhibitions that we're not at all surprised to see her as the first author in the San Stefano Gallery for 2020.

    San Stefano Gallery  
  • Time and People

  • Tsvetan Krastev

    The artist works with performances, nature and sometimes invisible things, especially with the sea - in Varna he started with landart, and now we look at his videos, objects, text and installations, which he created from 1980 to the present.

    Sofia Arsenal - Museum for Contemporary Art  
  • Valentina Sciarra

    How did a master of law from Rome end up in Sofia doing video, sculpture and landart? That story we'll leave for another time - today we dive straight into Valentina's latest project for which she looks at the global belief that the two sexes differ in their thoughts, emotions and behavior.

    Vaska Emanouilova  
  • Vera Gotseva

    It may seem far from you, but it isn't - in the world the percentage of people with eating disorders is higher, for example, than that of green eyes. The topic is close and it is important to understand it. The Jivot na Kilogram Foundation and photographer Vera Gotseva-Lomovera put it in pictures, and there will also be interactive events that we're waiting to be announced.

    Credo Bonum  
  • Words, images, places

    The title of this exhibition is 140 years since Sofia was proclaimed the capital, so what better place for it than the city gallery.

    Sofia City Art Gallery  
  • Yordan Radichkov

    It's 1990, when the writer publishes his book that was illustrated by himself - this time for adults, not for kids. Now we see the drawings from People and Magpies in an exhibition.

    Gallery-bookstore Sofia Press  
  • Zara Alexandrova & Zoran Georgiev

    She is from Bulgaria, he is from Macedonia, but what they have in common is a bunch of good prizes and exhibitions, sometimes solo, but often in tandem.

    Gallery Gallery