• ART with/without TIME?

    Bozhidar Boyadzhiev, Lachezar Boyadzhiev, Maria Zafirkova, Nadezhda Oleg Lyahova, Lyubomir Minkovski, Ivan Moudov, Milko Pavlov, Lyuben Petrov, Boryana Rossa, Sevda Semer, Nedko Solakov, Sasho Stoitsov, Georgi Todorov, Stefan Yanev

    "Undated", written on a piece of art, means we have no idea when it was created. However, this exhibition looks at the work from a different angle. Curators Daniela Radeva and Lachezar Boyadzhiev have invited 14 contempoprary artists (like Ivan Moudov, Boryana Rossa, Nedko Solakov and Boyadzhiev himself) who show pieces created "between 1979 and... 2027". The idea is that all selected works are in a way disconnected from time and at the same time will always seem contemporary.

    Sofia City Art Gallery  
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  • Bulgarian Archaeology 2019

    From the head of a ram from Sozopol's island St. Kirik to an anthropomorphic statuette from the Bronze Age - 17 museums lend a hand to the Archaeological one in Sofia, so that it can show us the most interesting local findings from the past season.

    National Archaeological Institute with Museum  
  • Carles Santos

    The Spanish multidisciplinary artist, who composed music and did stage performances, opera, graphic design, is shown here with video projections, photography and posters. They all capture his unique sense of humour and his experimental approach towards everything he's done.

    Sofia Arsenal - Museum for Contemporary Art  
  • Dechko Uzunov

    In the 50s, Dechko Uzunov spent a couple of months travelling around China as part of a cultural exchange program between our two countries. When he returned, he published texts about his experience and hosted an exhibition of the artworks he created, inspired by the trip. Today we can again take a look at some of these paintings and graphics.

    Gallery Museum Dechko Uzunov  
  • Dinko Stoev

    He's got serious experience in solo exhibitions, as well as teaching at the art school. But here we look not at his lessons but his inner torment: no one is completely safe in Survivor, not even Santa Claus, who can eat some of his deer when hungry.

    Stubel Art Gallery  
  • It's all fine

    11 Bulgarian women artists are creating work about the problems and challenges women face today - in and beyond feminism.

    Credo Bonum  
    ICA (Insitute of Contemporary Art)  
  • Ivan Rusev

    You have probably walked past a group of carved white stone columns in the Zaimov Park, to the right of the Sofia Theater. They're by sculptor Ivan Rusev who now shows us what else he has cut from this favorite material of his - from lanterns to boxes - in the atrium of the Kvadrat 500 museum.

    National Gallery Square 500  
  • Maciej Szymański

    A diplomat and ambassador to Bulgaria, Maciej Szymański is also a great lover of nature. The main subject of his interest are birds, which he has been watching for more than 30 years.

    Polish Institute  
  • Minimalism BG

    After being shown in Veliko Tarnovo and Plovdiv, the exibition now shows locally the minimalism of a maxi list of Bulgarian artists.

    Shipka 6 Union of Bulgarian Artists  
  • Museum Tours at Kvadrat 500

    The permanent exhibition of the National Gallery includes the most significant examples of Bulgarian art, works by European masters, as well as by authors from Asia, Africa and Latin America. In a series of 50-minute museum tours, you will learn the history of some of the over 1,600 works located in the 28 halls of Kvadrat 500.

    National Gallery Square 500  
  • Vera Nedkova & Denitsa Boeva

    After gifting it to the National Gallery, along with everything inside it, in 1995, the apartment of the now deceased Vera Nedkova is today a museum displaying her works next to the art of younger artists interested in the same topics as her.

    House museum Vera Nedkova