• Boris Kolev and his inspirations in paintings

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  • Copy/Paste

    This is not the best time to catch a plane to major European museums to see Mona Lisa or The Kiss live. On the other hand, you can easily find yourself at level -1 in Serdika Center , where is the exhibition Copy/Paste .

    Serdika Centre  
  • Dimitar Solakov: Self-portraits in Structure

  • Exhibition by Joel Meyerowitz

  • Glow with glowing graffiti in Kvadrat 500

  • Illustrations by Ivan Dimov

  • Images and sound in the exhibition of Georgi Ruzhev

  • MOST

    The paintings of this year's finalists Mihaela Savova, Tatiana Harizanova, Trendafila Trendafilova and David Ioan hang on the walls of the gallery OBORISHTE 5.

    Oborishte 5 Gallery and Hall  
  • Museum Tours at Kvadrat 500

    The permanent exhibition of the National Gallery includes the most significant examples of Bulgarian art, works by European masters, as well as by authors from Asia, Africa and Latin America. In a series of 50-minute museum tours, you will learn the history of some of the over 1,600 works located in the 28 halls of Kvadrat 500.

    National Gallery Square 500  
  • Petar Arnaudov with photos from Wolrd war I

  • PURE /future/