• General Exhibition

    The first exhibition of the year at the Largo Gallery is the general exhibition called 20x20 in 2020 - paintings and mosaics of artists from all over Bulgaria. They present themselves with canvases in size 20x20 cm.

    Art Gallery Largo  
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  • General Exhibition

    From 23 January to 19 February 2020, the Le Papillon Art Gallery space hosts the 13th edition of From Collections - drawing of small format and exlibris graphics. Traditionally, for 13 consecutive years, I make delightful the fans of this art with a special selection of works of established authors.

    Art Gallery Papillon  
  • General Exhibition

    Traditionally, at the end of the year, Art Markoni Gallery invites us to the exhibition called Holiday feeling. The general exhibition includes paintings and small sculpture.

    Art Markoni  
  • General Exhibition

  • Ivan Dimitrov-Vaka

    Gallery 8 is opening the new art season on the 15th of January with the twelfth solo exhibition of Ivan Dimitrov - Vaka. The eleven works are fresh in colors, full of emotion and powerful impact.

    8 Gallery