Movie of the week: Wrath of Man

9 June 2021 Teo Chepilov
Guy Ritchie's new film is a return to the roots - a crime story, a robbery and Jason Statham with a lot more action and less humor than usual.

Guy Ritchie has never suffered from creative blockage, but in the last few years he has definitely entered the series. This film comes after the epic gangster masterpiece Gentlemen and his debut in family entertainment Aladdin. What these titles have in common with Man of Anger is in the inevitably transparent biting dialogue characteristic of the Englishman. The overall gray and gloomy atmosphere in this film is a mix of neo-noir, bank robbery and revenge thriller. The location is Los Angeles, the money is in a bag, and the whole plot revolves around kicking the bad guys in and around armored collection cars. All this was filmed with crushing skirmishes, ingenious transitions and camera angles, just as we expected.

The cast shines with short but memorable inclusions of Scott Eastwood, Eddie Marsan, Josh Hartnett, Holt McCalani and Andy Garcia. Even rapper Post Malone has a screen presence of a few seconds. Otherwise, for fans of curious facts, we note that Man of Anger is a remake of the rather pleasant French crime story from 2004 with Jean Dujardin Convoy.

In any case, Guy Ritchie's fans will not be disappointed. Nor do those who don't miss a Jason Statham movie. At least collecting these names in a movie poster is an event of the rank of re-forming a favorite rock band from their teenage years. The creative tandem of Richie and Statham created classics such as Two Smoking Barrels and Happy before freezing appearances around the film Revolver - a project about which the less we say, the better. Now, apparently, the old friendship has awakened with new strength, because the two may already be working on the next joint initiative.

It wasn't long before Guy Ritchie made a James Bond film, but Man of Anger definitely showed that he had all the qualities needed for the purpose. This is not a movie that will change the world, but it gives the audience what they went to the hall for - 2 hours of high adrenaline, fun with sporadic jokes and very bad looking Jason Statham.


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