• What we didn't know about... Genndy Tartakovsky

    17 October 2019

    text Sevda Semer

    You may not know his name and you will hardly recognize him on the street, but you probably remember who his Samurai Jack or Dexter are. Born in Russia as Gennady, Tartakovsky is an animator and filmmaker who also worked on The Powerpuff Girls, Star Wars, and the Transylvania Hotel. He's got Emmy and Annie awards, but if it already sounds pretty pop to you, his work's actually far more punk - Genndy sets his own rules and likes to experiment with his films.
  • First seasons

    17 October 2019

    text Kristina Yordanova

    Autumn comes with a full basket of new series, from which we bring out 5 flavors ranging from horror and fiction to comedy and comics. If it's not enough, we also tell you about a dangerous wild animation on the front page.
  • On a literary case

    22 August 2019

    Both exciting and scary is the experience of watching a movie based on a book (or comic book) because you can't stop looking for discrepancies with the source material. Well, whoever loves this type of adrenaline, go set an alarm for the next three movies approaching.
  • Right in the Nine: Quentin Tarantino

    8 August 2019

    On August 16, our screens will finally be broken by the caption "Quentin Tarantino's 9th movie." You know it is Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood, and that the faces of the poster go into a nostalgic-aggressive story about the end of the golden era of cinema.
  • What we didn't know about... John Cleese

    4 July 2019

    text Kristina Yordanova photo Bob King

    John Cleese himself, as a part of the comedy group Monty Python, is rarely serious. He is the first man, who said the word "sh*t" on British television and also the man who says goodbye to one of his best friends on a funeral with the word "f*ck". His attitude stays the same with his stand-up Last Time to See Me Before I Die, which comes here in September at the National Palace of Culture.
  • A trailer from Cannes

    30 May 2019

    This is how, right now, we're looking at the new cinema that will come on a screen near you later this year. For some you've heard - Tarantino will bring us back to 1969 with Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Almodovar shows Pain & Glory with Banderas as an old director, and Malick brings us to A Hidden Life. In the shadows of those big ones though, let's not forget the other ones that shine just as bright.
  • The Unfamiliar Plovdiv

    23 May 2019

    text Violeta Ivanova photos Kevork Vanlyan, Agitprop, for National Geographic

    After revealing the secrets of Sofia through Missirkov & Bogdanov's camera in 2017, the Explore Bulgaria series turns the same lense to Plovdiv and goes deep into its history and soul in 6 episodes.
  • 40 years Monty Python's Life of Brian

    15 April 2019

    Celebrating 40 years since the premiere of the legendary (and regarded as scandalous) Monty Python movie Life of Brian, 400 screen around the world will show it again on April 18th. Two of them are in Bulgaria - Sofia's Dom na kinoto (19:30) and Plovdiv's Lucky Dom na kinoto (18:30).
  • Georges Mourier

    11 March 2019

    photo Caroline Espeut

    On March 14 at 6:30 pm in Slaveykov Hall of the French Institute, director and researcher Georges Mourier will give a special lecture on his work on the restoration of the movie Napoleon by Abel Gans from 1927.
  • Metropolitan Opera in Sofia

    21 February 2019

    There are at least 4 months until the end of the season at the Metropolitan Opera, but there are only 3 shows live at Cinema City Sofia. Everyone who has been on such a screenplay in New York City vows that "It's like you're there!" So do not look at how the tickets drop, but quickly buy it at cinemacity.bg for 15/18BGN.
  • The Passage

    11 February 2019

    New Fox series starts at 10 p.m. on 11 February.
  • What we didn't know about... Yorgos Lanthimos

    31 January 2019

    Some say that this Greek director is the new Bergman - because of his generous slow footage; that he is the new Lars von Trier - because of the violence in front of his lens; or that it is the new Michael Haneke - because of the silent shock you live with when you exit the cinema. In fact, Lanthimos is great because he's mostly like himself. Because of this are his recent ten Oscar nominations, including best director. His previous films - The Lobster, The Killing of a Secret Deer, Dog Tooth - pull us  in the subconscious just as strongly as his last one, The Favourite. Right before its' premiere in Sofia, we lay out for you a couple of things about Yorgos.
  • Episode 2019

    10 January 2019

    text Nikola Shahpazov

    We're aware that you're not able to watch all the TV series you want, but there is even worse news - 2019 will bring you a bunch of new ones to follow. For the next six, we're afraid, you just have to find time.
  • Plovdiv 2019. The Beginning

    4 January 2019

    We are so excited to join in celebrating the Opening of the Plovdiv 2019 - European Capital of Culture with the most attractive highlight in its programme - The We Are All Colors' Show.
  • Ingmar Bergman Retrospective

    8 November 2018

    Before the official start of Kinomania we start with a selection of the best by the Swedish director from 8 to 15 November on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of his birth.
  • Six from Venice

    16 August 2018

    While in Venice the jury chooses one winner (from August 29th to September 8th), we are more gracious here and take six films in advance - anticipated titles we are hoping to get to us after the festival.
  • Matt in the Looking Glass

    5 July 2018

    text Nikola Shahpazov

    After running The Simpsons for 31 yeasr (and counting) and conquering the sci-fi world with his second animation series - Futurama, Matt Groening is now almost ready with his next big thing: Disenchantment, or "the medieval misadventures of a hard-drinking princess, her feisty elf, and her personal demon".
  • The strangest place is the World

    29 March 2018

    photo One Strange Rock © 2018 National Geographic

    After exploring the caves in human psychе with movies such as Requiem for a Dream, The Black Swan and Mother!, Darren Aronofsky dives into documentary with a series on the history of Planet Earth, which happens to be just as crazy as we are.
  • Metropolitan Opera

    22 February 2018

    A month of live broadcasts of Metropolitan Opera overflow the hall in Cinema City Sofia before we can get in the queue. So we dropped Love Elixir and La Boheme, so now we are publishing the show in advance until the end of the season, and you are waiting for tickets (15/18BGN) at cinemacity.bg - they run them a month before the dates.
  • Speak the Truth

    8 February 2018

    Awards in laurel twigs, Oscar nominations in numbers, top actors in closeup and in CAPITAL LETTERS. All these are the hooks that movie posters use to get us to the theatres and we bite, even though we have no idea what kind of movie we are actually about to see and despite the feeling that we might not agree with the Academy... again.

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