A Woman in Crisis

27 August 2013
Critics and fans aren't making it easy for Woody Allen. Each of his movies has been equally hailed and spat at, often leading to very controversial comments that are never in between but alwyas extremely different. Still, we can state with some confidence that Blue Jasmine is one of his finest works up to date.

After a series of films focused on the specific atmosphere of certain great European cities (To Rome with Love, Midnight in Paris, Vicky Cristina Barcelona), Blue Jasmine finds Allen working his way back to flirting with colours and basic human emotions.
As you may have already guessed, Jasmine is the name of the main herione (portrayed by the ever so wonderful Cate Blanchett) and she's referred to as blue not because of a particular love for the colour but because she's often sad and melancholic. She has become so because her otherise happy live has turned into a drag after her sweetheart (Alec Baldwin) was busted by the cops on charges of fraud. This not only ruins her sex life and happiness but means Jasmine has to learn how to live with her sister again and somehow enjoy a life devoid of luxury.
Just like with many other Allen movies, Blue Jasmine has it's primary inspiration in literature and theater - in this case it's Tennessee Williams' A Streetcar Named Desire.


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