Unforgettable Lines

30 October 2013 text Tanya Trendafilova
5 totally unforgettable movie lines

Lemmy is God says Steve Buscemi in one of the greatest movies ever. We suppose that you are familiar with who Lemmy Kilmister and Rob Zombie are. But If, in some reason, you don't event have any idea than run - run to your home, find this movie and see the right answer of that simple question - who is the greatest Lemmy or God?

Interview with Vampire
I want some more - whispers the sweet Kristen Dunst right after she gets bright new vampire teeth. This is one of the most frightened and at the same time - the most powerful movie line. if you want to know  - the story is based on Anne Rice novel. Read something  - you won't be disappointed.

Pulp Fiction
I'll execute every motherfucking last one of you! – do we need to say more? With this line starts and ends one of the coolest movies of all time. And Tarantino is one of our favorite directors, so you will understand our choice.

Somebody Likes It Hot

Well, nobody's perfect - there is one thing that has to be clear - there are a lot of great movies before 90's. One of them is Somebody Likes It Hot. The final scene is really funny. Jack Leman, dressed like a woman, tries to escape the offer of an old gentleman. When noting helps, he admits - I am a man. Well, says the gentleman, nobody's perfect!

The Life Of Brian
Always look on the bright side of life. You are not a cinema person if you haven't heard about Monty Python. But the fact you probably don't know is that Iron Maiden plays this song at the end of every concert.


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