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12 December 2013 text Stohrifor Lukomb
The third season of American Horror Story - Coven, is magically entangled, stylish and powerful - nothing less than a worthy sequence to one of the best TV shows in the last 20 years. You can watch it on FOX, every Tuesday at 23:05 and 01:20.


American Horror Story is no doubt a series. But moreover - it's not exactly what one would expect from a TV series. Here, each season tells a story that has a minimal or none connection to the last season. The common denominator is clear from the title American Horror Story - gothic darkness, wraiths, sadistic killers, blurred outlines in the shadows, supernatural phenomena, there are plenty of all the cliches of the horror genre, as well as many American themes. The show is intelligent, with equal amounts of dark humor, suspense and bloodsheds. Another thing that links the seasons is the cast - the great Jessica Lang, Sarah Paulson, Taissa Farmiga and Lily Rabe, although, as expected, their characters are different each time.


As the creator of the show, Ryan Murphy, hinted months ago, the third season is more stylish, softer and funnier with modern references. Not that there are no severed limbs and all kinds of scary things, but the horror is definitely not that explicit and intense as in the second season - Asylum. There are again typical American themes - the slave-owning past, racial prejudice, the attitude towards the others (in every respect), the mentality of the "lost generation" of the people, born at the beginning of the new millenium.

The story

... goes boldly back and forth between the witch hunts of Salem in 1692-1693, New Orleans in the 19th century and the same city now. Besides real characters like the despotic and sadistic La Lory (Katy Bates), Coven has many mythical female characters - witches and voodoo pristesses, who concoct ointments, raise the dead, kill the living, summon ghosts, cast malicious enchantments and participate in a conspirative games, which will ultimately lead to confusion, infidelities, broken hearts, zombies and one effective final conflict. Alongside the great Sarah Paulson and Jessica Lang, is the brilliant Taissa Farmiga in the role of the seemingly fragile, but actually clever, weirdly moral and potentially powerful witch Zoe Bensen.


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