The detectives and the night

9 January 2014
2 reasons why we like so much HBO's original productions - Sex and the City and Game of Thrones. We can list other titles, but the idea is clear - HBO definitely knows how to make quality TV shows. And True Detective is no exception.

An unsolved ritual murder, that shocks Luisiana in the 90s, is at the center of the plot. The main characters Rust Cole and Martin Hart (depicted by Woodey Harelson and Mathew McConaughy, who make an excellent onscreen partners!) are the driving force of the show.
17 years after the brutal murder of the local prostitute, the two now retired cops are called back at the precinct to start working on the case again. The plot jumps through the past and the present, showing us the development of the main characters through these years. Hart - a husband and father, whose marriage is headed for divorce, is a complete opposite (only seemingly) to Cole - a solitary weirdo, recovering from drug abuse. United by the desire to finally put behind bars the killer, they have to plunge back into the nightmarish world, they thought they left.

True Detective premieres on HBO on 13 January, 9.05pm.


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