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5 January 2012 text Clodin Gendova
We would like to recommend you some of the newest and most popular French movies.

Intouchables (Untouchables) is in the French cinemas now. The movie broke all the records and literally blew away hits like Harry Potter and The Adventures of Tintin. The story is simple. A disabled person, very reach man with aristocratic manners, hire a young black, just went out of the jail person from French ghetto. The friendship between those two is strange, but strong and extremely funny. If you know some French, please, do not use translation. The jokes are better in French.
The second choice is Rien a Declarer (Nothing to Declare). It`s a pure, funny comedy about two custom-house officers (one from France and the other from Belgium) who suddenly lost their jobs. There were always been enemies, but one`s beautiful sister comes between. You may also like it better without any translation.
And our third recommend is a romantic one. L`Arnacoeur (The Heartbreaker) is with sweet Johnny Depp wife Vanesa Paradis. It`s a story about a man with a very unusual occupation  - he brakes couples. Vanesa Paradis is a lady, totally in love with her partner, but the heartbreaker is after her. Why? There is a reason, of course. You may watch it with or without translation - the romantic is still romantic!


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