• Triple Jump

    5 March 2015

  • New Areas

    26 February 2015

    If you know someone that knows someone who loves to say that nothing happens in Sofia, tell him that: in National Palace of Culture a new theatre opened and in Yalta - alternative art scene. It is not less...
  • From Word To Word

    4 February 2015

    text Danislava Delcheva, photos Ralitsa Dimitrova

    Elena Alexieva adores the words. At the beginning, she found the language of poetry, then she discovered the voice of prose and finally she heard it on the stage of the theatre, This month we are going to listen to it at the two premieres of her plays - Voice and Phantom Pain.
  • Anton Without A Dot

    22 January 2015

  • Old but Gold

    15 May 2014

    Dannie Nikolova, Tanya Trendafilova

    Everything has happened before, say the wise men and after we dug through the black and white chronicles of the first steps show business since the beginning of last century, we are firmly convinced of the same. Drugs grueling parties and indiscriminate love affairs exist long before Courtney Love and Miley Cyrus appear to light. It turns out that their retro predecessors were partying at times wildly, without giving a damn public opinion. Here are 5 of the most prominent icons of the era.
  • All That Love

    13 February 2014

  • Kids

    30 May 2013

  • History Alive

    21 February 2013

  • Double British

    24 November 2011

    Clodin Gendova

    First class British theatre in Sofia with two plays.
  • Move, Please

    1 April 2010

  • Full Six

    11 March 2010

    text Irina Marinova

    This year's Ikar Awards offer good performances, good intentions and small misunderstandings.
  • Look back

    6 November 2009

    text by Irina Marinova

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