One + one = four

30 April 2015
The empty Hall 1 of the National palace of culture is suddenly filled with the voice of Yavor Gardev from a microphone near the stage: "Let's bravely open our script at page one". We don't open a script, only our ears and eyes. We're here to see the beginning of Quartet - his playscreen-movie with Snezhina Petrova and Zahary Baharov. The day is Monday, the rehearsal starts in eight minutes.

Can you even imagine a peaceful afternoon in this place that we all picture loud and live? You can actually feel the hum of silence behind you, in the huge hall with empty seats, but it is the silence before the thunder. Or in this case - before the voice of opera singer Mila Mihova that strucks with the same force as it introduces Snezhina Petrova in the first scene. Actually - first frame, as we call them now - on the screen soon appears the second layer of the play.

Quartet is on a border that we haven't crossed as an audience. It walks between screenplay, film and 3D animation, and the spread between the confident strides attracts us with its scale. It's evident from the scenography: on the stage there is a huge metal construction, and behind it - a screen with even more impressive size. Close up, we see the flow of energy between Snezhina and Zachary.


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