31th of December: 3,2,1... Happy New 2019

19 December 2018
Seven places to count back to dozens, hundreds and even thousands of other people.

Live music and DJ sets are staging at the Terminal with P. I. F., Rewind, Glach & Gena and FeeL. The last three are taking the microphone for live rhymes, then quieting behind the selections panel, as doLittle does. The club is ready for you as early as 9pm, and at the entrance you will want 30bgn if you did not get a ticket from eventim.bg for 5bgn less.

If you are able to meet 2019 without taking pictures, the club who does not allow cameras on the dance floor, opens doors at 10:30pm when you take your places before the guests enter. The Undercatt Duo brings techno from Italy, our Peppou takes its own electric selection, and between them and the beasts of the German Andre Winter. Electriksoul, Vanina and Yori also come with musical confetti, but before that go through rezzo.bg to save a spot for 60 to 150bgn.

The longest lasers on December 31st will circle over InterSolar, for which arrives creators of hymns in house and techno. Adam Bayer takes it the crowd in his hands last, after Dubfire has filled and eyes with his new visual show Evolv, and Richie Houttin has set fire with an electro dance. The show, you know, is the Yalta, so the resident Lubo Ursini will be there - after 10pm for 70bgn from eventim.bg or 200bgn, if you want to walk around the backstage.

Bass, Ethno, D&B, Trap and Oakstep pulse from the instruments of Oratnitsa and The Bedlam Club, while Ivan Shopov and Ogonek are roaming around the club with a music filter, which directly purifies souls for the next year. 15bgn from bilet.bg or 30bgn at your entrance after 10:30pm, and in pauses you jump in B-Side, where Lazy Face and Africandro are playing reggae and afro beat until the morning.

First the carousel drives the residents Anatolkin and Boyan, but before that you have to call 0877 078 080 or go to justbook.bg. The price is 100bgn per coupon from 10pm to 1am and 40bgn for next year from 1am to 5am. But this is not the end - the after party continues to move your hands and shoes until 11am the next day with DJ Steven for 20bgn.

There is also a way to enter jazz step in 2019 - with Veselin Veselynov-Eco, Milen Kukosharov and Arnau Garofa, who improvise on double bass, piano and saxophone in the cultural club of Rakovski and Levski. The atmosphere from the first half of the 20th century suggests you to put your velvet gloves, if it gets you in, but first we call 0898 283 261, 60bgn and the start is at 9pm.

There is nothing shameful to say Happy New Year with Britney Spears, Antibiotika and Ricky Martin - in fact, it's fun. The party this time spreads to its own "club" on Tsar Osvoboditel 10 Blvd., where you are waiting for sequins at 10pm after you have called 0878 521 036 or 0885 655 793 for reservation. The cupboard from 50bgn includes a cup of bubbles and an amazing surprise that will do morning shame more tolerable.


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