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7 April 2011 Dannie Nikolova
Five of the most interesting electrotango bands

The Tango Saloon
One of the most interesting electrotango bands is created in Sidney, Australia - far, far away from  the heart of tango music. They are not afraid to mix traditional tango with spaghetti western music, Cuban music and jazz. Their first album was released from the Ipecac label (Mike Patton`s label) and that`s not a surprise. The drummer of The Tango Saloon Dany Heifetz works also with Mr. Bungle and Secret Chiefs 3.

From Cairo to Saint Petersbourg and from Moscow to Israel  - there are people all around the world who are fascinated by tango music. Here is the proof - Electrocutango is created by Norwegian musician Sverre Idris Joner. Their album Felino is made for a tango play TanGhost (by Ghosts by Ibsen). The play won different awards and went on a trip in different countries, including Bulgaria.

One of the most popular electrotango bands in Argentina. Their style is a perfect mixture of traditional tango and electronic sound. Everything that make tango music so special and unique is still there.


This musicians from Argentina and Uruguay have probably the strongest electro sound, compared to the other electrotango bands. They are not afraid of using tango along with drum`n`bass, house, chill out and trip-hop music.

Gotan Project
One of the masters of electrotango are Gotan Project. There is no need to explain who they are and what they do. From many years and with many albums they are "exporting" electrotango with a great success.


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