Let there be children

14 April 2011 Nikola Shahpazov
Only a few days before the armoured Finnish division Children of Bodom (along with the Nordic reinforcment by Ensiferum and Machinae Supremacy) to wade in Sofia, we decided to remind you the five reasons why you have to be in Universiada hall on April 19.

The name: Since the 60s the metal bands love to use trully obscure names like Black Sabbath, Slayer and Cannibal Corpse and the case with Children of Bodom is not very different. When first formed the band is innocently called Inearthed but after they record their debut album Something Wild in 1997, the guys decide to rename the project. They use the most genius tactics to find fresh ideas – they just go through the pages of the fat phonebook of Finland and they encounter the lake Bodom. It turns out that in the 60s an unidentified coldblooded murderer has slaughtered three teenagers and has left their bloodied bodies by the waters of the lake. This way is born the next great name of a metal band.

The guitar player: The pale Alexi Laiho is the band’s former and therefore, logically is its leader. His nickname is Wildchild and it is not by accident – Alexi is a symbol of the wild rock and roll ansd he is among the most skillful guitarists in the last 20 years. His extremely technical playing and furious solos are a great part of the face of Children of Bodom and aside of his main band, Laiho has participated in big bands like Hypocrisy, Pain and Thy Serpent.

The cover versions: Most of the metal bands love playing cover songs of metal bands. Or at least of rock bands. In their tricky named album Skeletons in the Closet however Children of Bodom besides songs of the usual suspects Iron Maiden and Alice Cooper, enjoy also a rework of Britney Spears. That’s right – we hope that they will play Oops!... I Did It Again live in Sofia!

The new album: Relentless Reckless Forever is a typically-not-typical album of Children of Bodom. On the artwork we see the sinister silhouette of the Grim Reaper (a clear link to that nameless killer of the shores of Lake Bodom) but in there we find heavy, death metal brutality and a good reason for a mad and very loud party. And not less wild concert, of course.

The opening acts: You sgould not miss them! Machinae Supremacy is a relatively young and really powerful heavy band from Sweden (their first best off album The Beat of Our Decay went out only a week ago) and we know Ensiferum as one of the best examples of the heroic, historical and very fantasy oriented genre, sometimes called viking metal and other times simply folk metal.

Children of Bodom, Ensiferum and Machinae Supremacy are in Universiada hall,, April 19; 8PM, 40/50 leva from eventim.bg


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