Five eternal books for children

1 June 2021
If you, like us, have grown up reading books, for which every book is a holiday, then this selection will make your child smile. We would like to select at least 105 more readings for kids, but for now we are serving you only this favorite quintet. Are we missing something? Be sure to complement us!

We, the sparrows - Yordan Radichkov

My dear sir was a very interesting sparrow. He sat in the tree all day waiting for something to ask to start making remarks to him. This thing does not matter what it is: cart, man, dog, woman, car onopi & mdash; he shouts at everything & bdquo; My dear sir & ldquo ;. How can you, if a woman walks, shout at her from above: My dear sir! My dear sir, however, he does not give five bucks for this, but sits upstairs and shouts to the woman: My dear sir, can't you step a little higher, not to raise so much dust after you. Where did they teach you to rub your feet, my dear sir! Etc.

The stink bug comes to him with all its one thousand three hundred flanges and with its French magazine from 1903, and he, even before he has said good day, immediately intercedes for her: My dear sir, how long are you going to spread these flanges of yours? he straightens his flanks and replies: This is not your business, my dear sir! You, instead of picking on me, you better fix your nest, don't you see that it is distorted like a Turkish tile! The sparrow looks intoxicated, chops sunflower seeds and spits the scales on the wings of the guest. You could have been a little more polite, my dear sir - the bird told him, and he replied: My dear sir, the one who will sit down to give me a mind has not been born yet! After these words, my dear sir, he jumped up and turned around to start arguing in a whirlwind, which was spinning straw and dust on a pump, raised the pump and threw the dust on the sparrow. Well done, my dear sir, did you find the rubbish on your coat! The whirlwind, where you are, took your pump down the road without paying any attention to it.

Carlson, who lives on the roof - Astrid Lindgren

Carlson is a small, fat, confident man. He also knows how to fly. Everyone can fly a plane and a helicopter, but only Carlson can fly alone. All he has to do is push the button on his stomach and then a little weird motorbike buzzes on his back. While the propeller rotates properly, Carlson stands still for a minute. But as soon as the engine starts at full power, Carlson rises, flies with a slight sway, and gives himself such an important and dignified look as if he were a director & mdash; of course, if you can imagine a director with a fin on his back.

Carlson lives beautifully in his little house on the roof. In the evening he sits on the stairs in front of the entrance, smokes with a pipe and watches the stars. Of course, the stars are better visible from the roof than from the window, so we can only be surprised that so few people live on the roofs.

It seems that the occupants of the house just do not think to settle on the roof. They don't know that Carlson has a house there because it's hidden behind the big chimney. And would the adults pay attention to a cottage there, even if they stumbled upon it?

One day a chimney sweep suddenly looked at Carlson's house. He was amazed and said to himself: & bdquo; Look at her! & Hellip; A house? & Hellip; Can not be! Who will build a house on the roof? & Hellip; Where did it come from here? & Ldquo ;. Then the chimney sweep took up the chimney, forgot about the house, and never remembered it again.

The little dog was very happy to meet Carlson. As soon as Carlson flew to him, extraordinary adventures began. Carlson, too, seemed pleased to meet Little Dog. Because, no matter what is said, it is not very pleasant to live alone in a small house, and one that no one has heard of. It's sad if no one yells at you: "Hello, Carlson!" When you fly nearby.

They met on one of those unfortunate days when being small isn't much fun, although being small is usually a great thing. The little dog was a favorite of the whole family and everyone pampered him as much as they could. But that day everything went upside down. His mother scolded him for tearing his pants again, Bethan shouted, "Wipe your nose!" And his father was angry that he came home late from school.

The Adventures of Luccio - Gianni Rodari

"Here," he said, taking a brick, caressing it like a kitten, "I saved the money for that brick ten years ago at Christmas." I bought it at the market with the money I would use to buy a rooster. But nothing, I'll eat a rooster after I build my house. At each brick, Uncle Zucchini sighed deeply, deeply. But when he had used up all the bricks, he still had many sighs left, and the house was as small as a dovecote. If I were a pigeon, poor Zucchini thought, I would be very comfortable. And when he tried to enter, he hit the roof with his knee and almost knocked down the whole hut. I'm getting older and distracted, I need to be more careful, he thought. Zucchini knelt in front of the door, crawled on his elbows and knees, and, sighing, entered his house. The misfortune began only after he entered: if he said to stand up, he would knock down the roof, and he could not stretch because the house was narrow and short. And the legs? First of all, he had to put his feet away so they wouldn't get wet when it rained. "As far as I can see," Zucchini concluded, "I have no choice but to sit down." And so he did. He sat down and sighed. So he sat in the middle of the house, sighing cautiously, and within the window his face seemed to be a portrait of sadness itself.

The Little Prince - Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Very soon I was able to get to know this flower better. There were very simple flowers on the little prince's planet, with only a row of leaves that took up no space and did not bother anyone. They appeared in the morning among the grass and withered in the evening. But one day this flower had sprouted from a seed brought from somewhere, and the little prince had been watching very closely over the stalk, which did not look like the other stalks. It could be a new genus of baobabs. But the bush soon stopped growing tall and began to prepare a flower. The little prince, who was present when the bush put on a huge bud, sensed that a wonderful vision would surely come out of it, but the flower continued and continued to adorn itself, nestled in its green room. It carefully selected its colors. It dressed slowly, straightening its leaves one by one. It didn't want to come out as crumpled as the poppies. It wanted to appear only in the full splendor of its beauty. Well yes. It was a great flirt! The mysterious preparation of his attire lasted many, many days. And here that one morning exactly at the hour when the sun rises, it showed .

Alice in Wonderland - Louis Carroll

But when the Rabbit importantly pulled a watch from his waistcoat pocket, looked at it, and hurried again, Alice jumped to her feet; it flashed through her mind that she had never seen a rabbit wear a vest or a watch before; burning with curiosity, she ran after him across the field and managed to see him descend into a large rabbit hole. Alice immediately followed him, not even thinking about how to get out of there. The rabbit hole went somewhat straight, like a tunnel, and then suddenly went down - so unexpectedly that until she realized it, Alice did not see how she fell into something that looked like a very deep well. This well was either very deep - or it was falling so slowly that she had time to look around and wonder what would happen to her next. At first she tried to look down, to see where she was falling, but it was so dark beneath her that nothing could be seen. Then he looked at the walls of the well and saw cabinets and bookshelves. Here and there he saw maps and pictures hanging on nails. As she passed, she took a jar from a shelf. It said, "orange jam." But to her great disappointment, it was empty. She didn't want to drop the jar so she wouldn't kill someone downstairs, and as she fell, she managed to put it on another shelf. After such a fall, Alice thought, my eye would not blink if I climbed the stairs. How brave everyone at home will think of me! What, I would not say a word, to fall even from the roof of the house. "(And so it was.) Down, down, down. This fall would never end! "How many kilometers have I traveled so far?" She said clearly. "I'm somewhere in the middle of the earth anyway." Let me see: if I'm not mistaken, I've fallen about four thousand kilometers down… ”(You see, Alice had learned such things in school, and although now was not the time to show what she knew, she thought it wasn't bad to negotiate your lessons.)


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