Hard-Boiled Wonderland

22 December 2011 text Clodin Gendova, photos enjoyyourholiday.com
Everybody dies. But don`t worry - we`ll try to make some fun from this story.  Because it`s Christmas time and everything should be nice and funny.

We`ll tell you about a merry cemetery, which is situated somewhere in Austria. There are almost 700 tombs with humorous epitaphs like "Here is lying Frants Jozeph Mat who was a huge drunkard, and now God gives him a eternal rest whit no other drink but water!" The merry cemetery was created in the beginning of 19 century and now it`s a big tourist attraction - people all over the world is coming to see with their own eyes how different was the attitude towards death in Austria...
There is a similar place near hear - in Roumania. You can go there to see the colorful crosses and funny epitaphs. No need to speak Roumanian  - there are drowning which explains the reason of death and the sins of every deceased.
The merry cemetery is part of UNESCO. You should visit it some time - and we mean in your lifetime. It`s nice to laugh over the serious topics, like death for example.


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