Ribka Publishing House

29 January 2015
The story of a publishing house that makes us want to be 9 again.

There are changes that push you into entirely new directions. That's when everything becomes possible. It becomes possible for a lifestyle journalist and a longtime copywriter to replace their urban rhythm for a house in the suburbs and to start publishing children's books. This is the story of Milen Antiohov and Katya Antonova, who get inspired for this change from their four children. Some of the most beautiful children's books we come across lately are published by their Ribka, established together with Evgenia Nikolova.

Their main goal is to create books that tell a great story and are visually appealing. Evgenia is the art director and one of the illustrators of the books. Their last book - The Two Kingdoms - brings the children to a magical world, where we meet the whole spectrum of human emotions.

Find more at ribka-publishing.bg


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