Crime and Punishment

3 November 2011 Clodin Gendova
About 10 years ago two great guys from Japan  - writer Tzugumi Ohba and painter Takeshi Obata, created a story of Death Note. Not an ordinary comics, but a bit deeper and even philosophic thought about limits of good and justice.

Death Note is coming straight from the Japan mythology. Gods of death have a notebook, where they put the names of those, who are meant to die. The notebook should stay away from human hands, but one of those Gods is bored to death. He decides to accidentally drop his note in human`s world just to have some fun.
A perfect student finds the Note and discover its power. He leeks to become "god of the new world" by passing his judgment on those he deems to be evil or who get in his way.
The world known as a best detective - mystical L is hired to brake the case.
And the chase begins.
On you can download the comics, 37 manga series and their soundtrack. If you are more like a game-guy, it`s good to know that Death Note is available for Nintendo. If you are a French speaker - you can play interactive online game on And you must know that the question - what would I do if I had some God power will torture your mind for a long, long time.


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