• Attention, doesn't prickle!

    6 June 2019

    Every once in a while at least, every child feels like a sad little hedgehog, alone in the forest. To make yours more cheerful, meet him with Sam, a small hero in a happy ending, who just sneaks into the catalogue of a publisher of the same name. For the prickly homeless boy with and other books published by Taralezh (Hedgehog), see our children's blog.
  • Bio for kids

    16 May 2019

    Stories stranger than a fairy tale? The easiest to find them is in reality. Why then do we read to our children more about magicians than about real people who've changed our world? Maybe because we rarely come across biographies like those two series that are bold and sweet like they are. See more at our specialized children's blog.
  • What we didn't know about... Sylvia Plath

    14 March 2019

    After the publication of her kid's book in Bulgarian, we take a look at the poet's story - with the hope that we'll see more of her in our libraries, which only have a couple of works.
  • Hear This Story

    24 January 2019

    text Violeta Ivanova

    Driving, jogging, tidying up or even taking a shower are no longer stopping you from reading at the same time. But if you still haven't tried the great convenience that audiobooks are, the Storytel platform is here to change that.
  • Theme of the year

    10 January 2019

    The songs you dance to are different than the ones you cry to. So why don't you read on the same principle, choosing your books according to your mood and what you're thinking about? In the beginning of the year, maybe you're thinking about things you'd like to achieve. I'd travel more. I'd be a better friend. I'd start a new hobby. We're giving you a few suggestions so that you won't just be thinking all those things - first read about them, and then proceed to realize them in your life.
  • Once upon a time...

    6 December 2018

    text Gabriela Kandzheva

    The Grimm Brothers, Ray Bradbury and Gianni Rodari knit terrific and fun stories that will keep your lamp lit up late, as long as you find a place under the tree.
  • A Factory For Letters

    15 November 2018

    text Violeta Ivanova

    "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog" - if this short message tells you something, you probably not only read, but also draw letters. That's what Fontfabric does - a digital font factory that this year celebrates its 10th birthday.
  • Hot off the press

    15 November 2018

  • Question for a Nobel

    11 October 2018

    "To show the good literary taste" - that's how the King of Sweden himself explained in 1786 the purpose of the Academy, which later started giving out the Nobel for literature. In 2018 the purpose is quite the same, only the taste is bitter over one of the more quiet #MeToo scandals. After a man from the Academy has been accused, the comitee has decided not to give out the prize for this year. Since we're still excited to hear book recommendations, we ask a few people in love with reading who they'd recommend for the prize, if they had the chance.
  • From the Big ones to the Little ones

    27 September 2018

    text Gabriela Kandzheva

    New children's books by Aldous Huxley, Stephen Hawking and Roald Dahl.
  • What We Didn't Know About... Haruki Murakami

    30 August 2018

    text Violeta Ivanova

    We stopped calling him just Murakami since the contemporary artist Takashi with the same surname became too famous. Haruki is the bigger artist - with words and symbols he draws a parallel universe that is very similar to ours (with its chilly interpersonal relations, for example), but different from it with its magical plots. 17 of them, written in the 80's and 90's, were just released in Bulgarian in The Elephant Vanishes.
  • Time to read

    21 June 2018

    It doesn't matter if you're stacking luggage or a library, the time for a new book is always good. But now - especially because six titles of the highest shelf of world literature already tell stories of rage, slavery, suppressed sexuality and love for deep seas and invisible cities.
  • Found letters

    23 May 2018

    text and photos Natalia Ivanova

    If you have already sat down on one of the benches that have taken shape from the Cyrillic alphabet, you have literally felt the common plane between typography, literature and urban thinking. We're now walking to three of their addresses in the city, while we're talking about the Hidden Letters with one of the curators of the project, Todora Radeva.
  • The anatomy of our bodies

    17 May 2018

    After two novels, poetry books, essays, plays and even a graphic novel, Georgi Gospodinov is returning to the short stories of his first book Lapidarium with All Of Our Bodies - a collection of 103 supershort stories, in which we read a little something about ourselves.
  • Keep calm and listen

    3 May 2018

    The formula of the Night of Literature is known, and this year its numbers are as follows: from 6 to 10pm on May 9 19 recently translated books are read out loud at 19 locations in the city.
  • 18 and under only

    12 April 2018

    Not that anyone will stop you at the door, but from April 18 to April 22 the Youth Theatre's doors are wide open especially for the youngest book fans with the first International Literary Festival for Kids and Youngsters.
  • Who is Dimitri Verhulst?

    14 December 2017

    His book Life, seen from below, is coming out in Bulgarian and the story inside is following the sidewalks of Sofia - so we now come after the footsteps of  "one of the most rewarded contemporary Belgian authors" to know him better before seeing him live in January.
  • Palace of Books

    7 December 2017

    The National Palace of Culture has just revealed its facade to welcome guests to the Book Fair and the Sofia Literary Festival. We are now entering the hall for a while and highlighting several accents in both programs, which go hand in hand from December 12th to 17th.
  • One Zelda by Elin Rahnev

    9 November 2017

    In the 30s, Zelda Fitzgerald says he wants to write a beautiful book to break the hearts that will soon cease to exist - "a book of faith and small neat worlds, and people who live on the philosophy of popular songs." Zelda by Elin Rahnev sounds like this book.
  • Warm words

    3 August 2017

    If you are looking for a good travel company in the summer, these seven books are just coming out of the printing press with a thumbs up of the press critics and pages from all over the world - from magical realism in Indonesia to the war in Afghanistan, the zombies in Haiti, the problems of a small Irish town and the pain of being a woman.

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