• One Zelda by Elin Rahnev

    9 November 2017

    In the 30s, Zelda Fitzgerald says he wants to write a beautiful book to break the hearts that will soon cease to exist - "a book of faith and small neat worlds, and people who live on the philosophy of popular songs." Zelda by Elin Rahnev sounds like this book.
  • Warm words

    3 August 2017

    If you are looking for a good travel company in the summer, these seven books are just coming out of the printing press with a thumbs up of the press critics and pages from all over the world - from magical realism in Indonesia to the war in Afghanistan, the zombies in Haiti, the problems of a small Irish town and the pain of being a woman.
  • There Is Time

    6 July 2017

    You don't need an extra hour a day, if you rule the space in your head. That is what expert on human efficiency David Allen preaches in his "manual" Getting Things Done that has been teaching the world productivity tricks for 10 years.
  • What We Didn't Know About... Dave Eggers

    29 June 2017

    So far, we know two things - that he is the author of the technology anti-utopian novel The Circle and that on July 5th he'll be in Sofia. We like to get prapared for an important meetings like this one, so now we are opening Eggers' biography. What we find there are more than ten books (including humorous science), a serious journalism and a dramatic family story.
  • The rabbit hole of Rene Karabash

    8 June 2017

    "We live so fast that we often have to be motivated to write from outside," says Irena Ivanova, whom we know as a poet, theater director and an actress. Today, however, we are talking to her about her new project, The Creative Academy Rabbit Hole, which pushes the writer to fall down into the country where the words live.
  • Bottom-up

    27 April 2017

    text Natalia Ivanova

    If the bottom-up cultural development strategy already means something, you should definitely continue scrolling - Peter Jenkinson and Sheila Wright are the lightest bulbs in the field of cultural management who share a piece of experience with us on May 11 and May 15.
  • ABCD of the book cover

    16 March 2017

    text Natalia Ivanova

    The covers on this page are the best for 2016 according to the Academy of British Cover Design or ABCD. If you feel the heavy air of authority, stay with us a bit more: these awards are actually some fresh air that the publishing needs to breathe freely.
  • A Volume of Light

    23 February 2017

    Young photographer Yana Lozeva is pointing her lens at contemporary Bulgarian art and the result is the new 150-page magazine Svema which captures the light in our culture in different perspectives as seen by our brightest authors and artists.
  • What We Didn't Know About... Irvine Welsh

    9 February 2017

    There are at least two reasons to think about him right now. The sequel of Trainspotting arrives on February 17, and his new novel The Blade Artist tells the story of the same protagonist, balancing on the edge between his dark past and the desire to be a better man. It sounds as if this path isn't unfamiliar to Welsh too, but now ask something else: is this reputation of a drug addict mostly a product of his imagination?
  • Focus on the book

    8 December 2016

    We're looking right under the roof of our National Palace of Culture - between 13th and 18th of December  there will be The Christmas book fair and Sofia Literary fest.
  • What We Didn't Know About... Frédéric Beigbeder

    21 September 2016

    We're looking at the biogrpahy of the L'enfant terrible of the French literature, who is coming in Sofia for CineLibri festival on 5th of October to present his new film The Ideal, based on his novel Au secours pardon.
  • 356 days later

    25 August 2016

    Sofia's public reading-room is celebrating its first birthday with a series of events that end with a bang on September 1. If you stop by читАлнЯта (chitalnyata) on the first day of the new month you'll get a reader's card without having to donate a book from your own library (that's the price for reading). читАлнЯта is on читАлнЯта.com and in the garden in fron of the National Theatre.
  • Design Bookery

    16 June 2016

    text Violeta Ivanova

    There are a thousand reasons to put One Design Week in our organiser, but we know at least a hundred that don't require a tank full of gas. We pull them out of the shelves of Design Bookery or Lidl's fest library which knows everything about design and after Plovdivv is coming to Sofia.
  • The Letters Speak

    20 May 2016

    National Academy of Arts will celebrate the feast of the letters with series of events.
  • Mailbox for Fairytales: Storiest about Europe

    4 May 2016

    Bulgarian artists and popular people are going to read interesting and funny stories, dadicated to the peace in the European union.
  • What We Didn't Know About... Jimmy Carr

    31 March 2016

    photo jimmycarr.com

  • My favorite bookshop in Bulgaria contest

    24 November 2015

  • Open call for entries in the Literatury festival

    1 October 2015

  • The iceberg

    30 July 2015

    A short story by Tove Jansson from her newly published book in Bulgarian.
  • The Gospodinovi

    30 July 2015

    photo Vera Trayanova

    This is not the new book of Georgi Gospodinov. This is the new book by Georgi Gospodinov, written and illustrated with his daughter Raya. She is 6 years old. Therefore on the pages of Weddings of animals and things marriage between a train and a centipede and cabinet and turtle is completely okay.

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