• Watchful specimens

    Watchful specimens
    Strahil Peev and Georgi Kamov are birders - they observe the winged neighbours of our city and beyond. Few weeks ago they started Sofia Bird Walks - a community around birding, where everyone can join them in the watchful walks, no matter how much they know or if they're completely new in this hobby. Today we walk with them around Sofia's South Park and see 23 species in an hour and a half - this is just a tiny teaser of the things you might see on one of their walks. Check out their page for ...



  • The game as a profession: Alexandre Laine

    The game as a profession: Alexandre Laine
    It's Friday at 5 in the afternoon when they record our names in order to let us in that inaccessible part of the Central Department Store, where this frenchman has been at home for several years. Alex Laine's office - that of the gaming company ...
  • Don't you dare laugh at me, Captain Cook!
  • A look at the past 10

the straw

  • Top 10

    Top 10
    The things that make our life better. THE NEW ETIQUETTE It was uncourteous to sneeze without a hand to your mouth when we were kids, but by the new rules you better use your elbow to protect others.
  • No deception, just science
  • Personal assistant