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  • ShiZi: Tarantino

    ShiZi: Tarantino
    "If you are a Tarantino fan, you will be fascinated. If you are not, you will become one," swear ShiZi, the professional impro troupe that is currently bringing out new performances developed with the help of guests from abroad. Directed ...


  • #InstaSofia 2020 Week 04

    #InstaSofia 2020 Week 04
    A momentary portrait of the city from six different angles. Here's how you saw it this week: Ivan Vazov St.         Вижте тази публикация в Instagram.                       Публикация, споделена от Ivan (@gofretnik) на Яну 14, 2020 в 10:54 PST



  • A look at the past 10

    A look at the past 10
    What was this century like between its 10th and 19th year? As a real teenager, it happened to be infuriatingly immature, insisting that it knows everything or interacting with screams instead of dialogue. However, there was also movement in the other direction, which makes us see signs of real growth. This happened through people who, with one thing or another, resisted, went for walks, to have time to think, told clever jokes, or opened spaces for curiosity. To mark the end of one decade and ...
  • Don't you dare laugh at me, Captain Cook!
  • The artists

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  • Top 10

    Top 10
    The things that make our lives better.
  • Sofia Game Jam Week 2020
  • A box for you and for me