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  • 250 Years of Beethoven - Five Sonatas for Cello

    250 Years of Beethoven - Five Sonatas for Cello
    Cellists of the Sofia Philharmonic Lyubomir Nikov, Kristiana Mihailova, Slave Dinev, Georgi Georgiev, August Pavlov and Vasily Ilisavski Hammerclave invite you to an evening dedicated to Beethoven on February 24 from 7:00 pm in the Hall of Bulgaria ...


  • #InstaSofia 2020 Week 08

    #InstaSofia 2020 Week 08
    A momentary portrait of the city from nine different angles. Here's how you saw it this week: Botunets 1         Вижте тази публикация в Instagram.                       Публикация, споделена от Borislav Elinov (@modernwolfhair) на Фев 12, 2020 в 4:01 PST



  • The game as a profession: Alexandre Laine

    The game as a profession: Alexandre Laine
    It's Friday at 5 in the afternoon when they record our names in order to let us in that inaccessible part of the Central Department Store, where this frenchman has been at home for several years. Alex Laine's office - that of the gaming company ...
  • Don't you dare laugh at me, Captain Cook!
  • A look at the past 10

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  • Come hug this place

    Come hug this place
    A glance through the window of 63 Rakovski St. is enough to figure out inside lives a gallery. Its name is Pregarni me and it has a cause - with exhibitions and a strong cultural program (everything from movie screenings to poetry readings) it supports a charity children's art atelier.
  • No deception, just science
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