• Svilen Noev

    11 May 2021

    Svilen Noev takes the stage at Kino Cabana with original songs, which start playing from 19:00 on May 11 with free entrance.
  • Feeling of a river

    10 May 2021

  • Virtual journey: Peru - slow and conscious journey

    9 May 2021

  • Retro Party

    8 May 2021

    Martin Mihailov presents a selection of rhythms by Madonna, Michael Jackson, Queen and more for retro dances on the dance floor of Kino Cabana on May 8 from 18:00.
  • Zhlych/Gigovor/Gena

    7 May 2021

    We spot them in Terminal 1 on May 7 at 11pm and listen for the setlist for pieces of their common Priliv , but we expect their own things to slip from their sleeves. From the albums Beast and Faith of Bile we know that the formula is successful and will help us. made us keep up with the emotions flowing from the stage. Gregory is included with songs like Star Crack and Like Mannequin , and Gena is always next to the two and that's why we are waiting for them on one stage.
  • Gosho

    6 May 2021

  • Solo show: ARE YOU HERE? - Joanna Zaharieva-Yoko

    5 May 2021

  • Garbage

    4 May 2021

  • Murder without murder

    3 April 2021

  • Itso Hazarta

    1 May 2021

    We all know his name because he has been shooting rhyming thoughts at us for a long time. He comes out alone with cartridges from his album Irregular rap and in time we try to catch him in pieces like I have a man, Bravo and Just calm down . He goes out in the open with the ballet Nova, and DJ Kaas warms us up before and keeps us after. We are waiting for him in Kino Kabana on May 1 from 20:00 for BGN 20 from eventim.bg and BGN 25 at the entrance.
  • Humor about love and relationships

    30 April 2021

    Hear the fun side of love relationships in a show with three of the best stand-up comedians - Petya Kyupova, Niki Bankov and Hristo Radoev. They get on the stage of Comedy Club Sofia on April 30 at 7:30pm and 9:30pm for BGN 12/15 at the entrance.

    29 April 2021

    EXE opens its doors on April 29 at 11am, and inside they're bragging with music from the 2000s with sets from Braganza, Bumbo and Jana for BGN 10 at the entrance.
  • Saying is Doing

    28 April 2021

    April 28 is the last day we can see the interactive installation by Vitto Valentinov. It is part of the Love Speech campaign of Fine Acts and consists of various objects with which visitors will be able to interact. The aim is to present the language of hatred through real movements of physical objects in the KO-OP's exhibition space and thus to involve the participants emotionally.
  • Brass folk, brass of God

    27 April 2021

    Trumpets, saxophones, tuba, bass, percussion and vocals line up in San Stefano's Single Social Club and are waiting for us to move with them at 7:30 p.m. April 27.
  • Bruderschaft

    26 April 2021

  • Conversation with my Fears

    25 April 2021

    Conversation with my Fears is a solo exhibition by Angela Pencheva, presenting some of her latest works. The works that will be exhibited consider two approaches to dealing with fear. On the one hand, getting to know the objects that frighten us, in detail, allows us to make them close enough to us to weaken the feeling of fear. In the series of illustrations Insektaria the main objects are insects. After studying them in detail, the feeling of fear is replaced by strong curiosity and amazement. We are viewing until May 8 in Object 42 (at Rakovski 42A).
  • Nicks & Ivailo (Jin Monic)

    24 April 2021

    Nikolay and Ivaylo from the group Jin Monic go out for an acoustic set, in which they take us through new and familiar songs. Admission is free, but if you want to stimulate them there will be a hat in which you can leave an amount of your choice. They are in Construction on April 24 from 19:30 with free admission. For reservations call 0885974666.
  • Live: The Embrace of the Amazon - a film by Philip Lhamsuren

    23 April 2021

    Virtual Journeys around the World is a great pleasure to present to you the film The Embrace of the Amazon by Philip Lhamsuren, one of the few in the world who managed to successfully cross the Amazon. The film The Embrace of the Amazon will follow Philip Lhamsuren's expedition to the most picturesque, hard-to-reach and unknown areas of the Brazilian jungle and the Rio Negro and Rio Amazonas rivers. In this long and risky journey, he will move alone, using only his human strength and skills to survive and move on foot, by bicycle or motorized canoe. We watch online on April 23 from 19:00 on the Virtual Travels Worldwide page.
  • Dead Man's Hat

    22 April 2021

    They amplify with guitar and cello to Lege 10 to sound acoustic and live with songs like Little Cars and Corners at 20:00 for BGN 10 from eventim .
  • Premiere of the book The Game of Salt

    21 April 2021

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