Fuckup Nights + Plus Seven Hours

11 February 2020
Two decent events on February 11:

Every month in 300+ cities around the world, there's one night like this where several people face the audience boldly sharing their professional failures, the price they paid for them and the lessons they learned. These are impactful stories of collapsed businesses, failed partnerships, missed opportunities and ideas that never saw the light of day. If it sounds kind of sad, actually the tone is different - the idea is for us all to agree that there is no up without 1-2 downs before that. On February 11 at 19:30 in the Student House the microphone is for three guests: businesswoman Gena Sabeva, actress Sylvia Petkova and Irena Ivanova, who used to be a mechanical engineer before becoming the person behind the cult restaurant Dedo Matso in Knyazhevo.

Japan leads us 7 hours according to Greenwich time, but the difference is not just the time, as shown by the fashion photography exhibition at Doza, a project shown at Ivan Asen 22. The main character in it is Irmena Chichikova, first shot by Japanese photographer Benjamin Hung in late night Tokyo in a kimono and traditional Bulgarian clothes, and then by Zlatimir Arakliev in a Sofia studio, in an unusual perspective. We watch the photo conversation from February 11 to February 28.


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