• I'm at the theatre!

    6 January 2021

  • Souvenirs from the future

    5 January 2021

    The Christmas exhibition of ISI-Sofia draws us to the "surprise" and is designed entirely in the spirit of 2020. Each visitor can receive a work from one of the participants in the exhibition, but without knowing what is under the hood. You can choose between identical gift boxes, in which there are puzzles with a format of 29.7x21 cm, consisting of 120 pieces, in a circulation of 3 pieces. Each artist has provided the image with which he wants to participate, but they themselves will not know what their puzzles are.
  • Small drawings collection

    2 January 2021

    Gallery Labyrinth collects Collection of small drawings by different authors, more and more diverse than last year. Everything from the exhibition is in gallery page , and the most curious have the opportunity to visit it live with a pre-arranged time (on 0899 965 620 or with a message on the gallery page). No more than two people can enter at a time due to the measures.
  • Tomorrowland

    31 December 2020

    25 artists from all over the world stand behind digital desks and take us in their music sets at 8pm. Follow Facebook for details.
  • Arabesque Ballet

    30 December 2020

    Excerpts from the best ballet performances Arabesque will be shown on December 30 at 19:00. Follow the event page for details.
  • Nice to meet you, Iva!

    29 December 2020

    We are watching on December 29 from 19:30 in Theater 199.
  • Women's short film - online film series

    28 December 2020

    Institute Cervantes Sofia shows us the online film series Short Women's Cinema with selected titles, of which two popular science films, one documentary and one editing film. The full program is at vimeo.com/showcase/cortosenfemenino. All videos will be available on the Vimeo channel of the Instituto Cervantes for 48 hours, starting at 21:00 on the specified dates.
  • The Spirit of Christmas - online edition of the NMF

    27 December 2020

    BNT extracts from its archives New Year's concerts from the years 1986 – 2020, conducted by Emil Chakarov, Naiden Todorov and Emil Tabakov, and on December 27 we watch the concert Names of the Future with conductor Naiden Todorov and Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra (from 1 January, 2006). Follow Event Facebook Page .
  • Van Gogh Museum - Amsterdam: Livestream Art Tour

    26 December 2020

    On December 26, we go on a virtual tour of the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. It houses the world's largest collection of paintings and drawings by the artist, as well as works by many others, including Monet, Gauguin and Toulouse-Lautrec. It starts at 19:00, following Event Facebook page for online location.
  • TABA In-store Livestream

    25 December 2020

    Vladislav Rashkov bites a cigar and mixes electronic styles on December 25 from the TABA store, and we watch his set live on YouTube at 7pm.
  • In the footsteps of Santa Claus

    24 December 2020

  • The Adventures of I. K

    23 December 2020

  • Othello - the death of the idealist

    22 December 2020

  • Poets Live Stream

    21 December 2020

  • Christmas Vinyl Bazaar

    20 December 2020

  • Swan song

    19 December 2020

  • Christmas Arts Bazaar

    18 December 2020

  • Evening dedicated to Yavor Zahariev (Gravity Co.)

    17 December 2020

  • The Blue Beard - Marriage Without a Tale

    16 December 2020

  • Virtual tour of Berlin

    15 December 2020

    Just because we're locked up at home doesn't mean we can't travel, albeit virtually. We turn the globe and stick our finger on Berlin – one of the most colorful European cities with a turbulent history and freedom-loving spirit. The walk starts in the late hours of December 15 from the Parliament building and passes through iconic locations such as the Brandenburg Gate and Humboldt University to take us to Alexanderplatz and its iconic TV tower. See avirtuallive for details and access to dozens more tempting locations.