• Crisis

    16 April 2014

    Crisis is the hottest new show on NBC, which started here at about the same time as in the U.S. The story is dramatic and whirlwind, spinning around a group of kidnapped children of prominent politicians and diplomats (including the son of U.S. President). You could track events on FOX every Wednesday from 9:50 p.m.
  • Grand Budapest Hotel

    15 April 2014

    This great movie of Wes Anderson deserves all the creditst, there are screening this Tuesday at Doma na kinoto Cinema House on Tuesday at 4pm.
  • Yoga

    14 April 2014

    In recent years, the practice of yoga has become very popular, but only a few people realize the depth and meaning of the term. If you are looking for a more serious and scientifically look at the system of practices and worldview, do not miss the work of Mircea Eliade - Yoga. Immortality and Freedom, in bookstores, only 27BGN.
  • Beer Market

    13 April 2014

    We like Kanaal not only because of its nice design, but also because it is the only bar in Sofia  that serves only Belgian (and some Dutch) premium beer. This Sunday between 15:00 and 20:00 there will run Sunday Beer Market - ie you can select 60 beer brands to take your home. Exciting!
  • Pin Art

    12 April 2014

    Wall of wishes or art pin art as a medium. Pin Art is a contemporary art form that allows objects to be printed on the surface of three-dimensional dense needles. Welcome to The Mall from 10 to 12 April and see how easy desires take shape on the wall of Raiffeisenbank.
  • God Is An Astronaut

    11 April 2014

    Irish post rock travelers God Is An Astronaut land in the big hall of the Mixtape 5 for their second concert in Sofia, the focus of which will be on their latest album Origins.
  • Bitter-Sweet

    7 April 2014

    The awesome new shop Bitter-Sweet (32 Gladstone Str ) already offers colombe and chocolate eggs - just in time for Easter! Colombo is a traditional Italian treat with centuries of history and tradition - is a leavened bread in the shape of a dove, preparing hard for the big Christian holiday.
  • Germany Year Zero

    10 April 2014

    Sweet (and totally free!) Panorama Italian neorealizam in Dom ns kinoto continues with Roberto Rossellini' s classic - Germany, year zero. It is clear that the topic is (anti) military and apocalyptic view of bombardment of Berlin - just scenery for a dramatic story. Do not be late, the show starts at 6.30pm.
  • triЗavisim

    9 April 2014

    Festival for Contemporary Dance and Performance Antistatic began on April 7, but here's our proposal for this Wednesday. In Red House at 9pm will happen tri3avisim - three separate but somewhat related performances that blend folk dances, the principles of Greek tragedy and a demonstration of social and financial situation.
  • Pirin

    8 April 2014

    Photographer Alexandar Ivanov presents our favorite Pirin mountain a series unreal beautiful photographs shot from the ground and air. 147 of them are collected in the luxury album Pirin Mountain, Magic Mountain, which is already available in the best bookstores for 49BGN - no doubt they will be well spent.

    3 April 2014

    PpIANISSIMO festival was very short, but it was free and very interesting. The last event of it happens on Sunday night (after 19:30) in Studio 1 of Bulgarian National Radio with solo recital Zala Kravos and the eccentric youngster Francesco Tristan.
  • Pin Art

    5 April 2014

    Pin Art is the installation of thousands of needles densely arranged so as to form a solid surface. By pushing needles from one party to the other installation is achieved realistic three dimensional print on each form. Ordinary pin art is small in size and can be placed on a desk or be used as a fun game for the family. And where in Sofia you can see a large pin art? Welcome to Serdica Center from 4 to 6 April to give shape to your desires on true pin art wall and learn about the new promotion of consumer loans of Raiffeisenbank.
  • Half Price

    4 April 2014

    People in theater Bulgarian Army have already offers half price tickets for selected performances (including Sex, drugs, rock and roll, Scissor killer and Svejk). The festive promotion is only valid for tickets purchased by cash registers in the period April 1 to 6.
  • Nikolay Raynov

    3 April 2014

    Tint Gallery (Denkoglu 42) celebrates 125 years of the birth of Nikolai Raynov with an exhibition of 30 of his emblematic works, most of which have never been shown before. The exhibition includes sketches, still life, illustrations, designs for covers and decorative compositions, which may view until 13 April.
  • € 6.66

    2 April 2014

    Colibri Publishing reissues one of the most widely read French authors - Frederic Beigbeder and his famous novel 9.99. The actual title is € 6.66 and storyline mocking the deceptive world of the advertising industryi is translated by Krassimir Petrov.
  • Svetlin Roussev

    1 April 2014

    On the first day of April we invite you to enjoy the magnificent Symphony № 7 by Beethoven performed by virtuoso Svetlin Roussev. The concert is part of the European Music Festival, and the program contains works for violin of the great Niccolo Paganini. In Bulgaria Hall, 7.30pm, 10/15/20/25/30/35BGN.
  • Tricky

    31 March 2014

    If you have not learned yet, Tricky and his band will visit Sofia for the second time (Hall 3 of the NPC, April 9th​​, 7pm). We are excited not only for the chance to hear live his latest album, False Idols, but also because we know that the British musician will make at least a few killer covers. The promotional tickets are 35BGN and the others are 40 and 45BGN.
  • Books Club

    30 March 2014

    Sunday book club organized by Girls from the City gathers for a second time and is full of surprises. For a start Georgi Gospodinov will speak on the topic Literature and empathy, then it is time for the traditional exchange of books, which gives you a chance to get some new authors. Treats and drinks will be on high level, and for children there is a separate area with games. The place is Rakovsky 127, the time - 6pm and the price - 20 BGN per adult.
  • Airport

    29 March 2014

    This year the ceremony of the awards Icarus caused rush of anticipation among the nominees, but one of the major award winners was known months ago. The actor Stephen Mavrodiev received the award for outstanding creative contribution - fully deserved. You can see him in several recent productions of Mladezhki Teatar, but we have chosen for you Airport - April 9 at 7pm.
  • Giselle

    28 March 2014

    Another one of the jewels of the Royal Opera House in London is now available for Bulgarian fans of classical music and ballet, thanks to the magic of cinema. Romantic dance performance Giselle (in production of Sir Peter Wright) takes the screens of Arena Mladost and Arena West on March 30 at 4.00 pm, but do not wait until the last moment for tickets. They are waiting for you on kinoarena.com.