• International Student Film Festival New Wave

    25 January 2014

    The first edition of the International Student Film Festival New Wave, organized by the New Bulgarian University, is a short but meaningful. Until this Sunday at Dom na Kinoto will be shown 41 films (29 features, 5 documentaries and 7 animations) of the countries of the Balkans and the Black Sea region.
  • Stoner Night

    24 January 2014

    Friday is the time for late-night revelry, and rock. In the small hall of the Mixtape 5 will happen exactly this kind of party - two young and small stoner bands (Sativa and Muddy) will play noisy compositions, and we'll congratulate them with toasts. The beginning is somewhere after 21:00, the entrance is 6BGN.
  • Concert Hall Bulgaria

    23 January 2014

    Great works of Schubert, Beethoven and Saint-Saens performed by Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra under the baton of Maestro Lyubka Biagioni. The celebration of classical music starts at 19:00.
  • One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

    22 January 2014

    Ken Kesey's novel One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest comes to life in the stage of the National Theatre. The story is known, and the performance - guaranteed. It can not be otherwise under the baton of Alexander Morfov with gorgeous incarnations of Ivan Burnev, Dejan Donkov, Reni Vrangova and the rest of the troupe. Save the date, beginning in 19:00.
  • Melancholy: Istanbul

    21 January 2014

    The accompanying this year's Sofia MENAR Film Festival exhibition of original photographs Yavor Ganchev - Melancholy: Istanbul, can be seen between 17 and 31 January at the Red House, Pesha Nikolova Hall every day (except Saturday and Sunday) from 10:00 to 17:00.
  • The Gallows Bird

    20 January 2014

    The new psychological thriller from No 1 bestselling Swedish crime sensation Camilla Lackberg. A woman is found dead, apparently the victim of a tragic car crash. It's the first in a spate of seemingly inexplicable accidents in Tanumshede and marks the end of a quiet winter for detective Patrik Hedstrom and his colleagues. At the same time a reality TV show is being shot in the town. As cameras shadow the stars' every move, relations with the locals are strained to breaking point.
  • Gravity

    19 January 2014

    This week Dom na kinoto offers titles from the honorary list of winners at this year's Golden Globes. You may see the impressively realistic Gravity, which brought the statuette for best director to Alfonso Cuarón in 3D, at 15:00.
  • Concerts for babies

    18 January 2014

    Sofia Opera and Ballet opens its doors to the youngest music fans. The weekly Concerts for babies starts today. All the small ones (up to 3 years old) will be able to experience for the first time the magic of classical music and ballet. Beginning at 10:15.
  • Punk and Ska Night

    17 January 2014

    Bulgarian punk and ska - what better way to start the weekend? At 21:00 in The Thin Red Line Bar those genres will be the most played in the performance of their most prominent native prophets - Control, Hipodil, and Wickeda. The selection is in the hands of Krasimir Moskov, and the entrance is free.
  • Masked Ball

    16 January 2014

    It's never too late to go to the opera, especially when it comes to Verdi and his classic Masked Ball. This is one of the most controversial works of the Italian composer, see it for yourself - at 19:00 on the stage of the National Opera and Ballet.
  • Sofia MENAR

    15 January 2014

    This year Sofia MENAR film festival will show the best of features, documentaries and short films of the Middle East and North Africa. Be at the Cinema House in time for the opening at 19:30 for the premiere of Heritage - Hiam Abbas directorial debut.
  • Parade

    14 January 2014

    Romantic comedy with discriminated homosexuals, thugs, raging skinheads, profanity, Serbs and Croats, became close friends while they were shooting each other, and a loud, bold and bloody gay parade. Watch in Euro Cinema at 21:45, 6BGN.
  • Life form

    13 January 2014

    A new novel by the famous author Ameli Notombe. Her new novel is about the correspondence between Ameli and a military man in Baghdad, Melville Maple. She contemplates the link between author and reader and the notion of writing itself.
  • Marc Quinn

    12 January 2014

    The contemporary art often is misunderstood because too specific expressions, but as author Mark Quinn always aroused interest. He is the creator of the famous sculpture of supermodel Kate Moss in a yoga pose, whose interpretations are set out in Modern Art Gallery along with some of the most famous series of the artist (Labyrinth, extremely interesting Iris Paintings and etchings Moments of Sunrise) until January 20th.
  • Moth

    11 January 2014

    Javor Gardev turns the play’s phantasmagorical plot into a delicate and intriguing performance about the power of art and the ineradicable need of it. Pyotr Gladilin’s play has been awarded a prize by the Russian Federation’s Ministry of Culture. Ivan Vazov National Theatre, Small hall, 19:00
  • Dave Grohl Night

    10 January 2014

    Exactly at 21:00 The Thin Red Line Bar will celebrate the upcoming birthday of Dave Grohl - former drummer of Nirvana and current singer of The Foo Fighters. Krassimir Moskov's set includes iconic pieces of the top two bands, plus some related bands as QOTSA, Them Crooked Vultures, Probot, Killing Joke, The Prodigy and Eagles of Death Metal.
  • St. John the Baptist Day

    7 January 2014

    We celebrate this day in honor of St. John the Baptist.
  • Epiphany

    6 January 2014

    One of the oldest Christian holidays. Originally it's dedicated to the birth of Christ, but in different Christian traditions underwent significant changes.
  • In the World of Prada

    8 January 2014

    The Italian journalist Gian Luigi Prachini, covering the fashion world in Corriere della Sera magazine, enters confidently in Prada’s world and her labyrinth of ups and downs. He explains her many transformations – both good and bad, with his keen eye.
  • Mihail Krastev

    4 January 2014

    Artist of the small size, excellent portraitist and landscape painter good, Michael Krastev (although he lives and works in the period between the two world wars) is related to art in Bulgaria in the first decade of the 20th century. Vaska Emanouilova gallery, until 1 February.