• Time of the Wolf

    4 September 2013

    Bulgaria's premier (and pretty much only) classic prog rock band - FSB should have played Plovdiv's Roman Theater this night... but they're actually going to do it on August 5th instead. Still, their show Time of the Wolf is very much worth the wait.
  • Ostava Celebrate 21

    3 September 2013

    How time flies, ah? It feels like yesterday when we were first checking out Ostava's debut single and today the band is already celebrating 21 years of existence. They're going to party in style, of course - with a great big open air live at Maimunarnika with special guests from Babyface Clan, Animacionerite and Gravity Co. and a warm-up set by Bel.
  • Oleg Denysenko

    2 September 2013

    We strongly recommend you visit the exposition of Ukraine's Oleg Denysenko at the Ethnographic museum. His works reflect Slavic history and mythology as well as modern art techniques.
  • To The Mountains

    1 September 2013

    Sunday seems like an ideal day for a short hike nearby Sofia. If you drive up to the village of Bistritsa, go right past it and then past the village of Jeleznitsa, you would eventually reach Plana - the village and small mountain by the same name. The place is picturesque and offers some great opportunities for a short huke.
  • Great Gatsby

    31 August 2013

    Gtasby is still great even after all the movie interpretations. And LeoDi Caprio is certianly brilliant in Great Gtasby, directed by  Baz Luhrmann. Don't hesitate to check out one this year's finest flicks at Cinema City Paradise and Dom na kinoto.
  • The Wall Live

    30 August 2013

    The grand wall we've been expecting since last winter is finally going to be erected and eventually desroyed at the Vassil Levski stadium by the one and only Roger Waters. Don't miss the show - after all, The Wall Live is our last chance to experience live some of that Pink Floyd magic.
  • Like.Bulgaria

    29 August 2013

    The superb indie exposition Like.Bulgaria ends at the end of August so you've got mere days to check it out. So, head on to Vivacom Art Hall to see the works in print or check them out online any time you like.
  • S.A.R.S.

    28 August 2013

    One of our favourite bands from neighbouring Serbia - the young and potent S.A.R.S. are to hit Sofia yet again. Satriani's Arm Recently Severed (which is their splendidly strange full name) would deliver rock, reggae, hip hop and even some folk at the open air Maimunarnika club and the tickets are only 8/12/15BGN.
  • Table Tennis and Mini Football

    27 August 2013

    Betahaus offer you the opportunity to shine at their table tennins and table football tournament to be held at their own working space from 18:00 on. Entrance fee is just 5BGN so there's no point in thinking it over - just go for it.
  • PARK Green

    26 August 2013

    Post Bank invites you to PARK Green - that is, to check out their green zone at Sofia's South Park. On Monday you can join the children reading between 18:30 and 19:30. August 29th is set for a Catan tournament while for the whole period the green zone offers an open air library, football, volleyball and free WiFi.
  • Jar

    25 August 2013

    Burkan (meaning jar in Bulgarian) is the new, simple but fun game we stumbled upon last weekend. It consists of 50 basic questions that have no set right answer and 50 wishes that you have to make come true if you can't come up with an answer. The brightest of minds have the upper hand!
  • Smiske in Kanaal

    24 August 2013

    Another great beer nigh at Kanaal!  This time our favourite bar presents the exquisite Belgian beers - the blond and brown versions of Smiske. Kanaal stays open long after midnight, in case you can't get enough of the Belgian beer magic.
  • Cage of Glory 5

    23 August 2013

  • Counter-democracy: politics in an age of distrust

    22 August 2013

    Democracy is established as a generally uncontested ideal, while regimes inspired by this form of government fall under constant criticism. Hence, the steady erosion of confidence in representatives that has become one of the major political issues of our time. Amidst these challenges, the paradox remains that while citizens are less likely to make the trip to the ballot box, the world is far from entering a phase of general political apathy. Demonstrations and activism abound in the streets, in cities across the globe and on the internet. Pierre Rosanvallon analyses the mechanisms used to register a citizen's expression of confidence or distrust, and then focuses on the role that distrust plays in democracy from both a historical and theoretical perspective. This radical shift in perspective uncovers a series of practices – surveillance, prevention, and judgement – through which society corrects and exerts pressure.
  • I'm So Excited

    21 August 2013

  • In the world of man

    20 August 2013

  • The Wall by Roger Waters

    19 August 2013

  • Sofia breathes

    18 August 2013

  • Smugglers Swing Club – Vintage Garden Party

    17 August 2013

  • Musala hut

    16 August 2013

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