• Valentines

    14 February 2020

    The end, they just booked the last table for February 14th, but there's something else to do.

    The shameful pop this time will be seasoned with bursting of balloons, at least that is how they end up, but they are unconventional in another way: the party series leaves the clubs and after 22:30 enters The park (the hall above Lumiere). Entrance is BGN 10, reservations are on 0899 57 44 81.

    If it's sweeter than chocolate, Ostava feels that way too. At Terminal 1 they start at 10pm, supported by Jin Monic, tickets are 16BGN in advance from eventim.bg, and being spontaneous will cost you 20BGN on the spot.

    Clearly, if you have special dance shoes, the most tempting one is to invite them to shine. At Lindy Hop (at the National Palace of Culture), DESY & The Shiny Stockings are on the microphone, and the swing comes after 9:30 pm for 10BGN.

    If you are passionate about laughing, Comedy Club Sofia occupies Hall 1 of the National Palace of Culture with its jokes about love and relationships. "No kidding" they promise us a funny evening, so it is unlikely that it will be bitter - it starts at 20:00, tickets from eventim.bg are 28BGN.

    "Scenery-provocation and animation" rhyme in KEVA. after 10:30 pm, when three DJs seduce afrobite, afro house and dancehall. There are guests from Nigeria and the Netherlands, the host is Harita Asumani, and at the entrance you will be stopped for 8BGN before midnight, 10BGN after.

    It's not a proposal for a second stand, it's a 5-hour set, thought of as a genre trip: SMYAH will play at Amok everything from drumbeats to hip-hop and downtempo - listen to it on Spotify, then head to the bar after 9pm.

    If you have the feeling that your life is written by a screenwriter, check out your Love Stories on this show that improvises with facts submitted by the audience. It begins at 7.30pm at Studentski Dom in front of just 50 people - say you are one of them on 0889949683.
  • Oscar Nominees

    9 February 2020

    By February 10th you still have a few more moments to catch up with the films that this year compete for the golden naked Academy man. Most of them are in theaters, so check here for the ones you've missed out: 1917, Joker, Once Upon a Time ... in Hollywood, Judy, Pain and Glory, Little Women...
  • Tsar B

    13 February 2020

    "Black. Eclectic." she says of her style - the Belgian R&B-pop-electro singer with inspirations such as Björk and Grimes and a royal nickname for her moments on stage. Otherwise called Justine – a musician, producer and ruler of the violin, whose entry into the Black Flamingo Bar on February 13 will be her first in this part of Europe. Warm up for her with the interview here and tear up a ticket for 15BGN from tickets.paysera.com .
  • Actors vs. Poets

    10 February 2020

    Planned as a one time thing a few years ago, this show turned out to be such a bomb that this is its 5th season as part of the program of Sfumato theater. The next opportunity for you to understand why that is is on February 10 at 19:00 with tickets for 12BGN when presenter Lily Geleva sings and teams of poets and actors compete in a series of poetry reciting duels. At the end, we are the ones who decide who performed better.
  • Small World + Ramsey Hercules

    8 February 2020

    photo Martin Parr

    Two nice events for February 8:

    Martin Parr is a British photographer with a sense of humor as you can tell by his series about tourism, on show at Synthesis Gallery from February 8, and probably by meeting him - he'll be here for the opening at 19:00. Get your elephant skin with you if you consider travelling to be your most important interest: the exhibition, as Geoff Dyer writes, consents to the verdict that tourism is a "march of stupidity." Well, you are entitled to yours.

    He was not born as Ramsay nor as Hercules - in fact he is Jordan, and sometimes he is also called The Beer. Other important things for him are that he loves vinyls (he's got a shop), he owns a saxophone, selects tracks on Boogie.FM. On February 8th at FlipFlop we hope they've cleared the tables, because at 20:00 we enter with our dance steps.
  • Architecture night for everyone

    31 January 2020

    When was the last time you were at the Polytechnic Museum? Here is a nice reason to visit it: this event is in conjunction with Bulgarian Architectural Modernism (who have been exploring local soil for years and posting great pictures on their Facebook). However, what does "everyone" mean? That while children are building houses, we are discussing the aesthetics and ethics of architecture - on January 31 from 18:00 to 20:00, 2BGN for us, free for the kids.
  • FAZA x Erotomania

    30 January 2020

    Introducing themselves as an underground movement for electronic music, they now step out of the dungeon to move us - in the three halls of Micro 9 artists play music for 14 hours. You already have a formula for next Friday, February 7th, but warning - the entrance is only with an early ticket purchased for 26lv from bilet.bg. To avoid missing the "rising star" of Héctor Oaks, Errorbeauty and Erta Ale from Germany or IMOGEN from England, get your tickets now.
  • The undeground Rome

    5 February 2020

    For 40 years, Italian archaeologist, speleologist, photographer and writer Carlo Pavea has been exploring Ancient Rome and has so far published his discoveries about more than 500 monuments hidden under the present city. Just because all of Rome is in open ruins it does not mean that there is not more of the same underground, inaccessible to just anyone. On February 5, Carlo talks about this secret old world in Archeology museum at 17:00. The lecture is free for everyone, there will be a translator from Italian to Bulgarian.
  • Stand-up Emission

    6 February 2020

    The format is a regular one for Inside Joke Stand-Up Comedy - it's when comedians  give you their best jokes of the past month, and on February 6th, a 15 leva entry goes to support the fight of a young boy recently diagnosed with brain tumor. Beginning at 9:30 pm at Studio 5, event is in Bulgarian.
  • Ratio: Solar Orbiter

    5 February 2020

    photo ESA

    On February 7/8, ESA will launch its Solar Orbiter - a device equipped with measuring instruments that will help us understand the Sun better and one day we may be able to predict its eruptions and storms. Why they are dangerous to our health and technology, what the cosmic climate is and more burning questions are explained by three doctors from the Institute of Astronomy at BAS on February 5 at 19:00 at City Stage with free entrance.
  • All that musical: Cats

    4 February 2020

    Critics were full of poisonous commentary for Tom Hooper's movie (who otherwise gets Oscars for his musicals), but that's also a good reason to see a Broadway show with people-turned-cats and turn your own thumb up or down. This is the last movie from the mini-fest All that musical - on February 4 from 7pm in Lumiere Lidl.
  • A Midsummer Night's Dream

    3 February 2020

    It's a cliché to say that a Shakespeare's play is perfect (even when it's not true), but his first big comedy is exactly that. We can see how director and teacher Elena Panayotova and student actors from NBU see this work of the bard at the Student House on February 3 at 19:00 with tickets for 6/8/10BGN from epaygo.bg and ticketportal.bg.
  • Life of Brian

    2 February 2020

    You are all individuals and you are all different, but if you're like others in your love of Monty Python, you may want to somehow honour the death of Terry Jones. So do it at Dom na kinoto where we're seeing a remastered version of the film on February 2, the flying circus departs at 6:30 pm for BGN 8.
  • Saturday Sofa

    1 February 2020

    Probably only at home the DJ of the evening is stretched out on the couch and doesn't look as if he would slap you if you dared enter his personal space. This relaxing sensation is the goal at Soho co-working house. On February 1 at 14:00 their SoSESSIONS enter their fourth episode with soul, funk, hip and trip hop music selected by resident dtk and guest DJ Marcon. They'll be there until 22:00, join them by paying however much you decide.
  • Prism: Strings of the New 20's

    29 January 2020

    photo Marcellus Wallace

    Prism is that format of the EXE club, thanks to which we hear unexpected collaborations between the music typical and atypical for this kind of place. The first edition of 2020 welcomes the Drop Down Community string orchestra + electronic artists SAVA and Xonic on January 29 after 21:30 with a 10BGN entry fee. Everything in their program will be new, composed especially for that night.
  • 23 January 2020

    If you are now catching the festival, you are joining just in time to watch perhaps the most frequently mentioned title among all musicals in general. All That Jazz is a crudely raw autobiographical story in which director and choreographer Bob Fossey cinfesses his life, like Fellini in Eight and a Half. His character is an artist with an impressive career, but a failed personal life, who abuses women and drugs. They show it on Jan. 30 from 7:00 pm in Lumiere Lidl. Tickets are 6-8lv.
  • Ah, that Musical

    23 January 2020

    If you are thrilled to even hear the mention of the genre, this mini cinema festival is for you - Cinemania organizes screenings of several titles in which explaining feelings in a song is the most natural thing. They start with Cabaret on January 27, and then release other classics like The Blues Brothers and Grease before moving on to newer movie musicals (like Cats). Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome to the cinemas on the schedule here.
  • Ratio: The secret lives of bats

    28 January 2020

    Probably at least some parts of the life of the bats are clear to you - that they are currently hibernating or that they navigate in darkness through echolocation. Other intimate stuff, however, you have never heard of - such as the fact that bats, too, have family scandals when one cheats, and their little ones spend their first months in kindergarten. On January 28, Heliana Dundarova of BAS talks about all that at City Stage at 19:00.
  • Asian Board Games

    23 January 2020

    January 26 is the first day of the Lunar New Year, and Game Nomad launches board games from and to Asia at Koncept Space. The plan includes traveling through India, sushi and growing bamboo for the Emperor's Panda - if you are inside, entry is 5lv, thay'll be waiting you between 3pm and 10pm. How to play each of the different board games, they'll explain on the spot, we just need to congratulate you for the start of the year of the metal rat.
  • Копелия + Absolut party + Sofia Game Jam Week

    25 January 2020

    Three decent events on January 25:

    This three-act ballet is about "love, mischief, and mechanic dolls" - you can imagine the virtuoso movements a performer should be able to do in order to really look as if they were made of sheet metal. That's why it's worth watching the screenings at the Arena cinemas of performances at London's Royal Opera House - on January 25th at 18:00 at The Mall and on the 26th at 16:00 at Bulgaria Mall.

    Since December, Absolut has been fighting for more tolerance among different music audiences, first by inviting Rushi at Club 33, then Desi Slava at Petak. This will happen three more times - famous artists finding themselves behind the decks at places they've probably never visited before. On January 25, the DJ at Culture Beat is Margarita Hranova, who puts on her favorite songs and nobody knows what to expect after 23:00.

    In an interview with the Frenchman Alexandre Laine, we talked about the life of a game designer in Bulgaria (and what that even means), but if you are familiar with it and want to go even deeper into the industry, free up your calendar until February 2. The reasons why are on sofiagamejam.com, but in short: there will be educational lectures, a career forum, a conference of professionals, a 48-hour hackathon for creating games, an exhibition, a party...