• CreativeMornings

    28 February 2020

    2 decent events on February 28:

    Струва си да станете по-рано този петък, защото докато пиете кафето си в Генератор, Благовеста Пугьова ще разказва за Подарете книга. Това е нейна инициатива, в която от 10 години доброволци стават ментори на деца от домове, помагат им в уроците или с приятелски съвети. Благовеста е експерт по финанси, но тук влиза в темата "инвестиране" не на пари, а на време. Лекцията със закуска започва в 08:30 на 28 февруари.
  • Soft Things + Nirvana

    27 February 2020

    In her new dance performance Iva Sveshtarova and the German Rose Beerman put under obscures the idea that femininity and softness overlap. They say that by the end they will returne to "soft thing", but knowing the work of Sveshtarova, the performance will be barely fluffy - is more likely to bare its teeth. It premieres in DNA at 27 and February 28 at 19:00.

    Back in 2010, when Ivan Dobchev posed for it, the play (by Konstantin Iliev) became a classic, with Ikar and Askeer for music by Asen Avramov and nomination for the role of Hristo Bonin. He is on stage with Irmena Chichikova - both love each other, but her intensity and desire to he has all to himself, until it merges completely, crashes into his restraint. The news? Nirvana returns to Sfumato from February 27 at 7:00pm.
  • World of Co + Prom Night

    26 February 2020

    2 decent events on February 26:

    You must have heard of this residence for foreign artists, which gives them a place to stay in Sofia, takes them to interesting spots, and organizes an exhibition for us to see what they created while being here. On February 26th at Espace PORT A, between 18:00 and 22:00, Siddhart Patak's experimental films, the textiles by Australia's own Sophie Shingles and the funny drawings of Oscar Mitchell from Scotland await us.

    For the fifth time, EXE gets nostalgic - Backstreet Boys, Offspring, Britney, Christina and such will be in the playlist for the night. The theme is the end of your school days, if you graduated around the year 2000. Ever since the beginning of these events, the dresscode's been "prom". Tickets are 10BGN, the starts is at 10:30pm on February 26th.
  • 250 Years of Beethoven - Five Sonatas for Cello

    24 February 2020

    Cellists of the Sofia Philharmonic Lyubomir Nikov, Kristiana Mihailova, Slave Dinev, Georgi Georgiev, August Pavlov and Vasily Ilisavski Hammerclave invite you to an evening dedicated to Beethoven on February 24 from 7:00 pm in the Hall of Bulgaria for $ 12 from eventim.bg.
  • TeamWork board games

    23 February 2020

    These joint events of Game Nomad and Koncept Space happen every last Sunday of the month and focus on a specific topic. On February 23, it's Teamwork day, so under the roof of Koncept Space you get the best of co-ops (in which you all try to beat the game) and team board games (in which you are a team against another team). For example, we're talking about Pandemic or Code Names, but there will be more unpopular titles as well. If you're going, take a look at the Facebook event to see what's coming up and sign up for some of the games that require it. The entrance is 5BGN.
  • Science solves problems VOL.22

    25 February 2020

    Good to be on a blue planet – without all this water we would be gone. This is where hydrology intervenes – a science of the movement, distribution and quality of water, which helps to manage them intelligently and to protect ourselves from floods. On February 25th at 7:00 pm, at Move.bg , we meet a NIMH hydrologist who introduces us to liquid matter for free.
  • Circuit

    22 February 2020

    From 11pm on February 22 until dawn the next day, the fierce red audio system at Koncept Space will boom and vibrate with techno waves. Risto and Phlp. (or 2/3 of the Beton collective) will join forces with Ivan Shopov's dark acid techno alter ego Ghost303. The address is 6 Nikola Vaptsarov, if you haven't partied there already.
  • Ratio: Atrophotography

    13 February 2020

    In case you are hesitant, we are telling you now - astrophotography is an art. Just imagine capturing a star or a galaxy, for example, which are beyond the Earth's atmosphere, and see them in a size sensitive to the human eye. Well, you'll need some photography equipment and a generous dose of patience to get the end result, but all the tricks and details are explained on February 18 at City Stage by several young professionals and amateur astronomers and photographers. All enthusiastsenter for free at 7:00 pm.
  • Portrait of a Lady on Fire

    16 February 2020

    The curiosity between a young artist and her model - a girl posing for a portrait of her future husband - is the story in this late-18th-century costume drama, which won the Cannes Screenplay award. We are watching on February 16th as part of the Sofia Pride Film Fest 2020 program.
  • Historical Quiz + See It Be It Talks

    20 February 2020

    Two decent events on 20 February:

    The people behind the educational walks Po Stapkite and the Bulgarian History Association lead a quiz about the life and reign of Boris III at City Stage on February 20 at 20:00. Register a team of 3-8 people on 0898 543 369 and bring 5BGN per person for the entry fee. The best ones at the end get board games, concert tickets and more.

    The program of the Cannes Lions advertising festival has introduced us to a lot of successful women in response to the worldwide gender imbalance on high business positions. On February 20 we meet Bilyana Savova (diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and now leading a foundation and the healing program Plan2be) and Evgenia Sarafova (co-founder of Geograf BG and part of programs related to Space). From 18:30 at Missia23 for free.
  • Hot - room for audiences

    21 February 2020

    Launched in 2019, the program is once again opening a conversation around contemporary dance, choreography and performance, meeting artists with their audiences in three different discussion and experiential formats. The whole info is here and if you want to meet Rosen Mihailov, Mladen Alexiev, Snejanka Mihailova and Stefania Georgieva on February 21-23, be sure to drop them an email until the 19th. It's free.
  • My Monologues

    17 February 2020

    "I choose to resurrect monologues of plays and performances by the independent […] theater, which, unfortunately, are no longer on any stage," is how Emona Ilieva outlines her plan for February 17th. You know her, for example, from Hi Ro Shi Ma and Narcissus and echo, and now she invites you to Mozei to watch her participate in the series in which actors recite favorite monologues. Hers will be accompanied by music, and the next day (again at 19:00 for 15BGN) we will listen to Ovanes Torosyan.
  • Banff Mountain Film Festival

    19 February 2020

    photo Surfer Dan

    From the Canadian town of Banff, where it takes place every November, the adventure film festival sends the best films of its program on a world tour that arrives here on February 19 and 20. With tickets for 11.60/13.60BGN from the box office and Cinema City Paradise website, starting at 20:00 in both days, we look at a dozen titles for everything from winter, water and land sports to wildlife, nature and culture from different points on the globe.
  • HMSU + Absolut parties

    15 February 2020

    Two decent events on 15 February:

    "Exclusive selection of quality low-frequency music," reads the menu for the dark hours between February 15 and 16, when HMSU smashes the door of Terminal 1 and enters with seven Bulgarian artists behind its back. From 22:00 onwards, Ogonek, Mocks, Acidtrip, Faith, Konspirator, Monotype, E: lee and Techdown's drum'n'bass starts hitting the walls, joining them costs 5 or 8BGN depending on the hour of your arrival.

    You already know the rules: famous people become DJs for a night in an unnatural environment, so that we can all get shocked by something unfamiliar. Under these rules we already danced with Rushi, Desi Slava and Margarita Hranova, and this time things get even more interesting: on February 15 at 23:30 at Carrusel the next person behind the decks is politician Solomon Passy. We don't even know how to dress.
  • Between pain and tenderness

    12 February 2020

    At 63 Rakovski St there's a brand new cultural space - the Pregarni Me gallery which will host not only exhibitions, but everything from concerts to film screenings and drawing in the style of famous artists. On February 12 we are invited to a poetic reading - for 10BGN we join Sylvia Choleva, who presents the poets Beloslava Dimitrova and Radoslav Chichev and their latest poetry books (Meat and Birds + Lightning). Make sure to be there at 19:00.
  • Fuckup Nights + Plus Seven Hours

    11 February 2020

    Two decent events on February 11:

    Every month in 300+ cities around the world, there's one night like this where several people face the audience boldly sharing their professional failures, the price they paid for them and the lessons they learned. These are impactful stories of collapsed businesses, failed partnerships, missed opportunities and ideas that never saw the light of day. If it sounds kind of sad, actually the tone is different - the idea is for us all to agree that there is no up without 1-2 downs before that. On February 11 at 19:30 in the Student House the microphone is for three guests: businesswoman Gena Sabeva, actress Sylvia Petkova and Irena Ivanova, who used to be a mechanical engineer before becoming the person behind the cult restaurant Dedo Matso in Knyazhevo.

    Japan leads us 7 hours according to Greenwich time, but the difference is not just the time, as shown by the fashion photography exhibition at Doza, a project shown at Ivan Asen 22. The main character in it is Irmena Chichikova, first shot by Japanese photographer Benjamin Hung in late night Tokyo in a kimono and traditional Bulgarian clothes, and then by Zlatimir Arakliev in a Sofia studio, in an unusual perspective. We watch the photo conversation from February 11 to February 28.
  • Valentines

    14 February 2020

    The end, they just booked the last table for February 14th, but there's something else to do.

    The shameful pop this time will be seasoned with bursting of balloons, at least that is how they end up, but they are unconventional in another way: the party series leaves the clubs and after 22:30 enters The park (the hall above Lumiere). Entrance is BGN 10, reservations are on 0899 57 44 81.

    If it's sweeter than chocolate, Ostava feels that way too. At Terminal 1 they start at 10pm, supported by Jin Monic, tickets are 16BGN in advance from eventim.bg, and being spontaneous will cost you 20BGN on the spot.

    Clearly, if you have special dance shoes, the most tempting one is to invite them to shine. At Lindy Hop (at the National Palace of Culture), DESY & The Shiny Stockings are on the microphone, and the swing comes after 9:30 pm for 10BGN.

    If you are passionate about laughing, Comedy Club Sofia occupies Hall 1 of the National Palace of Culture with its jokes about love and relationships. "No kidding" they promise us a funny evening, so it is unlikely that it will be bitter - it starts at 20:00, tickets from eventim.bg are 28BGN.

    "Scenery-provocation and animation" rhyme in KEVA. after 10:30 pm, when three DJs seduce afrobite, afro house and dancehall. There are guests from Nigeria and the Netherlands, the host is Harita Asumani, and at the entrance you will be stopped for 8BGN before midnight, 10BGN after.

    It's not a proposal for a second stand, it's a 5-hour set, thought of as a genre trip: SMYAH will play at Amok everything from drumbeats to hip-hop and downtempo - listen to it on Spotify, then head to the bar after 9pm.

    If you have the feeling that your life is written by a screenwriter, check out your Love Stories on this show that improvises with facts submitted by the audience. It begins at 7.30pm at Studentski Dom in front of just 50 people - say you are one of them on 0889949683.
  • Oscar Nominees

    9 February 2020

    By February 10th you still have a few more moments to catch up with the films that this year compete for the golden naked Academy man. Most of them are in theaters, so check here for the ones you've missed out: 1917, Joker, Once Upon a Time ... in Hollywood, Judy, Pain and Glory, Little Women...
  • Tsar B

    13 February 2020

    "Black. Eclectic." she says of her style - the Belgian R&B-pop-electro singer with inspirations such as Björk and Grimes and a royal nickname for her moments on stage. Otherwise called Justine – a musician, producer and ruler of the violin, whose entry into the Black Flamingo Bar on February 13 will be her first in this part of Europe. Warm up for her with the interview here and tear up a ticket for 15BGN from tickets.paysera.com .
  • Actors vs. Poets

    10 February 2020

    Planned as a one time thing a few years ago, this show turned out to be such a bomb that this is its 5th season as part of the program of Sfumato theater. The next opportunity for you to understand why that is is on February 10 at 19:00 with tickets for 12BGN when presenter Lily Geleva sings and teams of poets and actors compete in a series of poetry reciting duels. At the end, we are the ones who decide who performed better.