• Ratio: Solar Orbiter

    5 February 2020

    photo ESA

    On February 7/8, ESA will launch its Solar Orbiter - a device equipped with measuring instruments that will help us understand the Sun better and one day we may be able to predict its eruptions and storms. Why they are dangerous to our health and technology, what the cosmic climate is and more burning questions are explained by three doctors from the Institute of Astronomy at BAS on February 5 at 19:00 at City Stage with free entrance.
  • All that musical: Cats

    4 February 2020

    Critics were full of poisonous commentary for Tom Hooper's movie (who otherwise gets Oscars for his musicals), but that's also a good reason to see a Broadway show with people-turned-cats and turn your own thumb up or down. This is the last movie from the mini-fest All that musical - on February 4 from 7pm in Lumiere Lidl.
  • A Midsummer Night's Dream

    3 February 2020

    It's a cliché to say that a Shakespeare's play is perfect (even when it's not true), but his first big comedy is exactly that. We can see how director and teacher Elena Panayotova and student actors from NBU see this work of the bard at the Student House on February 3 at 19:00 with tickets for 6/8/10BGN from epaygo.bg and ticketportal.bg.
  • Life of Brian

    2 February 2020

    You are all individuals and you are all different, but if you're like others in your love of Monty Python, you may want to somehow honour the death of Terry Jones. So do it at Dom na kinoto where we're seeing a remastered version of the film on February 2, the flying circus departs at 6:30 pm for BGN 8.
  • Saturday Sofa

    1 February 2020

    Probably only at home the DJ of the evening is stretched out on the couch and doesn't look as if he would slap you if you dared enter his personal space. This relaxing sensation is the goal at Soho co-working house. On February 1 at 14:00 their SoSESSIONS enter their fourth episode with soul, funk, hip and trip hop music selected by resident dtk and guest DJ Marcon. They'll be there until 22:00, join them by paying however much you decide.
  • Prism: Strings of the New 20's

    29 January 2020

    photo Marcellus Wallace

    Prism is that format of the EXE club, thanks to which we hear unexpected collaborations between the music typical and atypical for this kind of place. The first edition of 2020 welcomes the Drop Down Community string orchestra + electronic artists SAVA and Xonic on January 29 after 21:30 with a 10BGN entry fee. Everything in their program will be new, composed especially for that night.
  • 23 January 2020

    If you are now catching the festival, you are joining just in time to watch perhaps the most frequently mentioned title among all musicals in general. All That Jazz is a crudely raw autobiographical story in which director and choreographer Bob Fossey cinfesses his life, like Fellini in Eight and a Half. His character is an artist with an impressive career, but a failed personal life, who abuses women and drugs. They show it on Jan. 30 from 7:00 pm in Lumiere Lidl. Tickets are 6-8lv.
  • Ah, that Musical

    23 January 2020

    If you are thrilled to even hear the mention of the genre, this mini cinema festival is for you - Cinemania organizes screenings of several titles in which explaining feelings in a song is the most natural thing. They start with Cabaret on January 27, and then release other classics like The Blues Brothers and Grease before moving on to newer movie musicals (like Cats). Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome to the cinemas on the schedule here.
  • Ratio: The secret lives of bats

    28 January 2020

    Probably at least some parts of the life of the bats are clear to you - that they are currently hibernating or that they navigate in darkness through echolocation. Other intimate stuff, however, you have never heard of - such as the fact that bats, too, have family scandals when one cheats, and their little ones spend their first months in kindergarten. On January 28, Heliana Dundarova of BAS talks about all that at City Stage at 19:00.
  • Asian Board Games

    23 January 2020

    January 26 is the first day of the Lunar New Year, and Game Nomad launches board games from and to Asia at Koncept Space. The plan includes traveling through India, sushi and growing bamboo for the Emperor's Panda - if you are inside, entry is 5lv, thay'll be waiting you between 3pm and 10pm. How to play each of the different board games, they'll explain on the spot, we just need to congratulate you for the start of the year of the metal rat.
  • Копелия + Absolut party + Sofia Game Jam Week

    25 January 2020

    Three decent events on January 25:

    This three-act ballet is about "love, mischief, and mechanic dolls" - you can imagine the virtuoso movements a performer should be able to do in order to really look as if they were made of sheet metal. That's why it's worth watching the screenings at the Arena cinemas of performances at London's Royal Opera House - on January 25th at 18:00 at The Mall and on the 26th at 16:00 at Bulgaria Mall.

    Since December, Absolut has been fighting for more tolerance among different music audiences, first by inviting Rushi at Club 33, then Desi Slava at Petak. This will happen three more times - famous artists finding themselves behind the decks at places they've probably never visited before. On January 25, the DJ at Culture Beat is Margarita Hranova, who puts on her favorite songs and nobody knows what to expect after 23:00.

    In an interview with the Frenchman Alexandre Laine, we talked about the life of a game designer in Bulgaria (and what that even means), but if you are familiar with it and want to go even deeper into the industry, free up your calendar until February 2. The reasons why are on sofiagamejam.com, but in short: there will be educational lectures, a career forum, a conference of professionals, a 48-hour hackathon for creating games, an exhibition, a party...
  • ShiZi: Tarantino

    24 January 2020

    "If you are a Tarantino fan, you will be fascinated. If you are not, you will become one," swear ShiZi, the professional impro troupe that is currently bringing out new performances developed with the help of guests from abroad. Directed by Yohim Meyer from Amsterdam, Tarantino again gives the audience the lead as usual, but uses Quentin's famous techniques: colorful characters, suspense, violence brought to absurdity. Will there be feet? Let's see - on January 24 at 20:00 in the Chamber Hall of the Salza & Smyah theater.
  • Artist Talk: Angie Palmai

    20 January 2020

    Angie Palmai has been teaching Fashion and Visual Culture in Budapest for 12 years now, but she has a lot of other things going on as well, all in the same field. She arrives at PhotoSynthesis on January 20 at 19:00 for a free Artist Talk to share her experience in the fields of art and creativity, style and photography, to talk about the visual language of different brands, as well as visual storytelling. There will also be a workshop, teaching you how to edit our photo projects. You only need good English to enter.
  • The singing barmaid + Vitosha fest + Human rights

    18 January 2020

    Some good events for January 18th:

    On January 18, every third order from the bar in Mozei will prompt Ivo Dimchev to sing a song. The format is new, but will be coming often in the future - by the end of the month at the same address our drinks and music are being poured by Georgi Arsov (22nd) and Mila Robert (30th). Entrance is 10BGN, the start at 8:00 PM.

    While snow is a vision down here in the city, Vitosha Mountain is becoming a stage for games, mountaineering songs and quizzes and races in various disciplines. The initiative is a global one, in the for Snow Day, and wants to help children love winter sports so that while we compete in alpine skiing, cross-country skiing and downhill skiing, the little ones have a free lesson - on January 18th at Aleko Chalet from 10:00.

    "2019 was a difficult year for the fight for gender equality in Bulgaria," say the students of the Student Society for Equality at Sofia University. They have come together to fight for the university to be a place for everyone, but they're also meaning to address the problems of our entire society in accepting the different and respecting human rights. On January 18 at 12:00 at the monument of Aleko Vitosha starts a solidarity march.
  • Music Quiz

    16 January 2020

    If you've been to a quiz before, you know the terms of this one too: a team of 3 to 8 fights 6 rounds of thematic questions (in this case musical), and finally 3 teams grab the awards (in this case books, CDs, alcohol and concert tickets). Well, there is something new: The Raven and the Cannonball bar are already collecting the results from their quizzes in a general ranking with more gifts for regular players. On January 23 from 8:00 pm the presenter is Krasi Moskov and you can sign in in the bar's facebook page, 5lv is the price for a player.

    25 January 2020

  • The Art of Production

    22 January 2020

    This new series of events at Koncept Space will introduce us regularly to people from the music industry who will show and tell us things we've been wondering about They will not necessarily be musicians - sometimes they will be the ones who help us hear the elements of the tune better. The first participant is DJ/producer Ivan Shopov. For 10BGN on January 22 at 19:00 he dissects the process of creating a piece of his own music and demonstrates how a couple of sound design softwares work.
  • SOS koala

    16 January 2020

    What happens in a group chat in messenger other than sharing memes? "From time to time, someone launches an idea to raise funds for a meaningful cause, and things escalate into such events," the organizers of this charity bazaar say for their own, which is in favor of fighting the fire in Australia. There will be food, fashion, art and more to buy, live music, workshops, discussions and an info point on WWF - on January 19th from 3:30 pm in hall In the Park.
  • When Dinosaurs Ruled

    21 January 2020

    They appeared about 240 million years ago, but we have a word by which to call them only since 1842. Dinosaurs continue to be both subjects of serious studies and yet quite mysterious. On January 21 at City Stage at 19:00 Ratio, the Museum of Natural History and lecturer Vladimir Nikolov, a paleontologist and scientific illustrator, start the topic to fill the gaps in our dino-knowledge. Admission is free.
  • Political satire

    17 January 2020

    Kinematograf.bg is again a guest of the Traveller's Club, this time with a selection of short films ridiculing aspects of political, economic and social life in general. We join the party after we get our 7BGN ticket from the club's website on January 17th at 19:00.